‘Ello Again, Mods! Moderator Points Summary + Announcement!

Microsoft Word 2010 is actually pretty cool- how do ya guys like this? Huh?

Hey ACP, Purp here! Here is the summary for the mod points from the 15th of December to the 30th of December. Read on!

Last time I posted results from the mod points I absolutely negatively did not receive great feedback, as you could see-

Wow, I’m such a baby. Thanks for the feedback though. That is why I have done a poll with the o22wners about this moderator points system, and almost all of us have agreed for it to be ABOLISHED!  SO IT’S GONE! LAST POST! SO LONG, MOD POINTS! I noticed all the flaws about owners not adding points and moderators not being amused by it, so there you have it. Let’s see the summary though and which mods have worked well!

Top Mods:

Abhi20- Total: 46

Super Edwin- Total: 27

Jaisick- Total: 23

Daisy- Total: 18

Peachpincher- Total: 16

Pham & Crazy Tow- Total: 15 (each)


Bottom Mods:

Steamiux- Total: 0

Agent Brando- Total: 0

Vivek- Total: 1

Spyguy- Total: 1

Wicked Wickz- Total: 4

Most active mod: Super Edwin – 13 activity points!

Best recruiting mod: Abhi20- 28 recruiting points!

Nicest mod: Abhi20 – 8 kindness points!

Good job to the top moderators  and for the mods who didn’t manage to be in the bottom. These points will help your promotion!





There you have it guys! This system only happened for a month, but it was good to try it out. See you soon! 


4 Responses

  1. Bye mod-points 😦 Good job yall that did well! :mrgreen:

  2. All I can say is…. 2ND COMMENT

  3. Well I didn’t get to the bottom which is nice ;D

  4. im satisfied :p though i guess ill miss that program..though it was a madhouse it was fun and fair (IK IK i did those bad comments in one of those pics so sorry! :P)

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