My last BAA

The Order Of The Fluffy Sheep

Due to my studies, I have decided to leave all armies, and xat as well. I may not be returning, and my visits will be rare. I think i have made several achievements in the past, such as becoming the last AR legend, forming a CPAC army which was a very strong AUSIA force that could defeat many CPAC and high ranking S/M armies during it’s time, “Best Leader” and “Fastest Rise” in SMAC’s Winter Awards in 2013, and finally, SMAP Person Of The Year in 2014.

In my time, we were important to the world war between JLA and NDA, since Greek Sheeps was the only AUSIA force in the JLA, which other armies in our alliance, including the Army Republic and Nachos were dependent on for AUSIA invasions and defense. I think we were important at that time, and things would have been different if we never existed. About 4 to…

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8 Responses

  1. bye

  2. You’ll be missed! 😦

  3. Lamb chops anyone?

  4. We’ll miss you fluffy sheep!

  5. FLUFFY we miss u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Never forget u dude

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