New US 3ic’s!

Greetings ACP! Happy new year also! :D. Over the course of a week, The US division temporary third in commands had a chance to show off their skills in a duel for the permanent third in command rank. I’d like to say Both of them did pretty good, Mondo and Sonic should be proud of themselves. However we have a winner. So the new US division third in command is…

We also have another new US division third in command. He recently came back to help out the US division and bring back ACP Recruiting Force, and he is….

Congratulations to Luma & Mondo. They shall help the US division grow and thrive.

I’d also like to recognize Sonic who was the other consideration for permanent third in command. He has been passed by so many people in consideration for owner and has never left because of it, that is true dedication.

clapping smiley photo: Clapping thclapping.gif

~US Commander Flŭƒƒувσу3

5 Responses

  1. Congrats Lumar and Mondo! 🙂 May the force be with you.

  2. ;D

  3. Epic job you guys,now let’s see the USA reaching 20 again!

  4. Well done guys, I am so proud of you, and Sonic too of course!

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