New Year, New ACP?.. AUSIA New Years Celebration RESULTS!

Hey ACP, Purp here! Today the AUSIA celebrated the awesome new year by doing a fantastic Ulead. Not just that, but we did it old fashioned and had a red vs blue battle in Maxy777’s war igloo after the ulead! It was great fun and we had a blast. We maxed 23 CP and averaged 21 with amazing and almost-perfect tactics! Good job everyone who attended and lead this event. Happy new year, guys! I am extremely excited for 2015! What will come?

3 medals if you attended! Read more for the pics by me, Gokul, Pham, Diasy and Rockman! Thanksies guys! Make sure you comment on this post if you came.






14 Responses

  1. I CAME

  2. Im Gokul Eswara I CAME TO AUSIA EVENT

  3. my name is psychic claw and i attended the ausia event

  4. Came

  5. I camezies! My Blue Team costume was ridiculous. I didn’t really have much of blue XD

  6. Camezies my name : Mowillm anyways..


  7. coomezies.

  8. Remember when everyone in ACP wore the uniform and looked like a real world power army?

  9. Came.

  10. Happy New Year! Even though I’m commenting this on January 2nd! Dun dun dun

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