[Ausia/UK] Formation Event!

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yay ausia

Hello Acp!

Today we had a formation event on the server Snow Globe! A formation event as the name states basically focuses on formations, it was an area we had to improve on. Unfortunately, few of our soldiers were unable to log on, despite that we averaged 15 and maxed around 17. We also had a chat size of 27. Not bad Ausia, but we can do much better! 2 medals if you came! It was also Will’s birthday today! So, we did some special tactics just for him and he got to lead too! Happy Birthday Will, hope you have a great day! Here’s the results:

hey happy bday

hey e+5


hey e+8

hey e+9

Comment if you came!

– Star

8 Responses

  1. I came!


  3. comezies.

  4. I attended the ausia event of snow globe and it was outstanding.
    Happy Birthday to Mowillm. I hope he enjoyed his birthday!

    Tactics were good. We maxed 17 and averaged 13 which I thought was pretty good. I was a bit shocked how we lost size near the end but we did our best.

    ACP Cσℓσηєℓ αη∂ ACPTR Iηтєяη

  5. I camezies!

  6. Reblogged this on ACP AUS/Asia Division.

  7. I came!

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