[US Army Force] Defense of Breeze

Important Posts:

Greetings ACP,

Tonight the Nachos had planned an invasion of our capital, Breeze. The key word being planned, as our sizes and tactics were really on point for the US division! We destroyed the Nachos in both sizes and tactics tonight, maxing 24 and averaging 20; something the US has not been able to do on it’s own for a very long time! ACPRF is really starting to show its worth, so keep up what you’re doing well and recruit even more, ACP! This event was led by myself, Mchappy, Carson, and Fluffy. Four medals to all who attended. Read more for pictures of our success.

After the first few minutes we moved to the forts and have 22 online.

24 at the berg as we are forming a semi circle.

Chaos erupts at the beach as bots invade and ACP J bomb’s and Nachos attempt to throw up on us.

For the most part the battle finished at the ski village, a minor skirmish occurred in the Dance Club for a few minutes, however.

Other pictures:

Overall a wonderful event for the US division! We showed that the US force of ACP is really beginning to grow and as long as ACPRF keeps up its work and it improves upon it, it will!

Thank you to everybody that attended, make sure to comment if you made it!


9 Responses

  1. i came

  2. I came from snow forts to beach.

  3. Woah! I didn’t expect that. Good job US division, keep it up!

  4. I attended, that J bomb on the Berg was crazy

  5. I came

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