Another UK/US event! Keep ’em comin’! (Unsched)

Important Posts:

How’s it goin’ bros, this is Pewww– wrong entrance….

How’s it goin’ troops, this is PUUUUUUrpleslime4 and welcome to another ACP results post! Today at 7:30pm UK, we had a lovely UK/US training session on Breeze whereas we performed many tactics and did many awesome formations & bombs. It went out quite dandy, averaging 17 on CP and maxing a groovy 20! Good job everyone who attended- 2 medals if you came! Read more for me and Mchappy’s pics. MAKE SURE YOU COMMENT IF YOU CAME!

Next event improvements:

  • Make sure you do a tactic for 30 seconds because sometimes soldiers can be early or late with their tactics. Stay consistent!
  • Pay more attention on chat so you know what to do on CP.

Comment if you came! ~Purp

7 Responses

  1. ACP would look better if you pushed people to wear the uniform. Js. I know quite a few people won’t have all the items but they can try to match it and despite the black electric guitar not being in catalogs anymore theres still a red electric guitar in the lighthouse. Things like these would make ACP look much more organized.

  2. i came 9 medals

  3. I came

  4. I came-Ninjitsu Sir

  5. Seriously pediepies entrance ur really get stressed arent you

  6. Came.

  7. Came

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