ACP Recap #56: HELLO AGAIN! 28th December-3rd January

Important Posts:

Hey ACP, it’s Purpleslime4 here drinking an innocent smoothie in her room. Welcome to my groovy ol’ ACP Recap. This is ACP Recap #56- Happy new year! More war to fear! 

Fifty-freakin’-six issues already! Gosh, I can’t believe I’ve made it this far. Let me just say one thing: groo-vay. Wow, I just noticed that I haven’t posted an ACP Recap in more than a month. Uhhh, groo-vay? xD

If you’d like to see how we did exactly ONE year ago, click HERE for last years ACP Recap! Wow, this is probably the longest post series that the ACP have ever had.

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Operation: Train & Gain – EVENTS OF THE WEEK

Sunday 11th of January

What: AUSIA Training Session

When: January 11, 2015

4:30 AM PST, 5:30 AM MST, 6:30 AM CST,7:30 AM EST, 12:30 PM UK, 6:00 PM India, 9:30 PM Japan

      ||BE ON ||


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