[USA Army Force] 1/13 Recruiting Session Results

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Events of the week

Greetings, Soldiers.

Tonight we had our first scheduled event of the week for the US division, a recruiting session on the server White Out. We had great sizes but had a little trouble directing the recruits to our website, but the few that did are excited for the training session we are having tomorrow night. We maxed 23 and averaged 20, so overall a very good event for the US on a weeknight. This event was led mostly by myself with several tactics by Carson.

At the beginning we gathered the attention of those on CP and attempted to direct them to our website.

A picture purely of our size after a few minutes of recruiting.

Next we show them what a emote bomb is

We then moved to the Ice Berg, and lost a little size but still had about 18-19 of our 23

We finished off with a “Hello” bomb.

Great job US division, I’m looking forward to more successes in the future (that means tomorrow’s training session at the same time). Comment if you made it, this event was worth 3 medals!


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  1. I came

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