[USA Army Force] Training Session/Practice Battle 1/15

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Greetings ACP,

Tonight we were scheduled to have a recruiting session, but I decided to have a training session instead because we were unable to have one last night. We logged onto Breeze and only managed to do one or two tactics before CP muted all of us; rendering us incapable of doing any tactics. We only were able to log on for about 3 minutes so only about 2/3 of our forces were able to get on. Even so we maxed 15 during this time. After this I attempted to log people on Mammoth to continue the training session. Our connectivity problems got even worse and we were only able to get half our forces on to Mammoth where we had a short practice battle. Unfortunately due to my lightshot acting up, I only managed to get 2 not very good pictures not even showing our total size we managed to log on to CP. Had CP not been difficult we would have been able to max 20. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow’s PRACTICE BATTLE AGAINST WATER VIKINGS AT 7PM EST!

Read more if you want to see a the two pictures I was able to take. 2 medals for all who attended (and those who tried but couldn’t log on) because of their struggle to log on to CP.


The one picture I got not even showing our full size before we were forced to log off Breeze.

Even less of the army was able to get on to Mammoth after we attempted to move. Good attempt tonight, ACP.



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  1. I came but only for a little bit

  2. came

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