Welcome to the Philippines Pope Francis!

Important Posts:

Hey ACP!

On behalf of the ACP I give honor to Pope Francis and thanks for visiting a pleasure to meet FIlipinos.

If you are Filipino or half, I proudly to say The Pope Francis is here at the Philippines to visit. According to news reports as part of visiting ASIA the Pope brings the message of Mercy to Filipinos, others and the whole world to see. I know some of you are not Christians others are believing other religions, I respect your beliefs.

Here’s a info about Pope Francis:


Filipinos, be happy and proud for Pope Francis as he bring the Message for us and the whole world. C’mon let’s discover the Message and reflect it as our part of our daily lives!!!!!!

pope-francis2papal-visit-logodownload (3)philippines

This is Rockstar1819 saying let’s work together for this generation.

-Rockstar, ACP Commander (Filipino Pride)


11 Responses

  1. Reblogged this on deockid.

  2. rock thx for putting this filipinos are good i am also a filipino

  3. Was there really a need to make this post? XD

  4. So ACP is posting religion posts now? Wheres the posts for the atheists huh?

  5. I’m Filipino! (My WordPress account got deleted 😟

  6. Is there a need to make this post?? xD anyways its fine 😛

  7. I find it weird to see something about religion on here. I do believe in religion and all, but there are a good amount of troops here who don’t believe in religion so it really isn’t a good idea to be posting stuff like religion on here, even if one side believes in something else, we should be equal by just keeping it neutral. Also stating the fact that Slime said, this is a CP army site for recruiting times, battles, etc. Not really a personal blog site, but hey that’s just my opinion :/ .

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