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Greetings, ACP

Once more the dominion of our republic is challenged. Our birth server, and the birth server of all armies, Mammoth, is being invaded just as in the old times. The Special Weapons And Tactics army believe they will be able to take our home from us, we will show them how dead wrong they are. Far too many times Mammoth has been taken from us, whether in World War III when Pink Mafias took it from us in 2007, to 2008 when World War IV occurred and all the armies in the community gathered and combined all their might to overrun our position. Even in more recent times when Mammoth had been taken from us, it seemed far from our grasp. Continue reading

AUSIA Training on White Out

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Hey ACP,

In this event, we struggled to train due to bad size and tactics. But we managed to get the Average of 11-12, Maxed 13. C’mon! The size is bad anywho we did some good event, Nice job AUSIA.

Here are the results:

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