To the ACP…

Important Posts:

Dear ACP and the whole of the UK force,

To most of you AUSIA and USA guys who are curious about us, we have been recruiting and been having no trainings or anything – just autotyping and recruiting on crowded servers. We need to. Especially together because with school and exams, we don’t have enough time. But we need to make the most of it. As an army. As long as we can recruit together for as long as we can, this can all get sorted out.

I advise you to read this post.

UK Force: To all the mods, owners & members who have been recruiting: I salute you.

Recruiting does a lot. That time we were recruiting all week at least  a week ago? Got 27+ on a Saturday event. That simply shows you what recruiting can do. It’s why AUSIA was so big when Mrtchy lead, and hopefully when Star leads. It’s why the USA is currently rising , better than ever, since Lumarnara (the Recruiting Force leader) got owner. It will and hopefully be why the UK will be so big once we recruit more frequently.

The golden generation is just around the corner and recruiting will give you the energy to approach it.

Yea, I’m mentioning recruiting a lot but recruiting is our heart. It can’t stop or we’ll die, it keeps going and we’ll be good and healthy. We are an army, we are a community.. whenever these kind of things happen,we need to work together. 

So, UK, do not slack off. Do not back off. Don’t be like that.I know who you are, I know who recruits and who doesn’t. And the ones who do  WILL be promoted for sure.

Moderators, I’m looking at you. You are moderators for a reason. Don’t give up, don’t slack off, just do it! This is your army, you make up part of it.


Now as I said, good job to everyone who has been recruiting. Seriously. Don’t stop, keep it up, let’s do this!

C’mon guys, for each other, for the sake of ACP.

Each seed represents a soldier and with the power of recruiting we will grow, like any other plant, and what will flourish will be a new generation filled with green pride. 


It isn’t I  makes this army what it is, it’s you. Grab your autotyper, make a new penguin and as we do this in unity we will rise greater than ever.

*wow* *such motivashun* *much encurraging*

6 Responses

  1. If your a seed then I’m a walnut

  2. If you’re an acorn I’m a tree 🙂

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