Events For The Week![1/19-25]

Important Posts:

Goals: If we reach the goal listed below the event, promotions will be given out!

Sunday, January 25th 2015.

[USA] Formation Practice + Tactics Session

Server: To be announced when event starts

Times: ~ 2 pm EST // 1 pm CST // 12 (noon) MST // 11 am PST // 7 pm GMT (UK) //

[USA] Tactics Session

Server: Breeze

Times: ~ 7pm EST // 6 pm CST // 5 pm MST // 4 pm PST //

Greetings, ACP! 

Hello ACP! It’s time once more to prepare for this next week’s events. Make sure to attend as many as you can, comment which ones you can come to! This week we will be trying to have more practice battles to give more experience to newer soldiers. We also will be annihilating the Omegas army on Monday, freeing this community from their scourge. Star/Rockstar make sure to check I have the AUSIA times correct, I sometimes get confused by them. Commandants of other divisions make sure to add your divisions events and feel free to change the times!

Comment if you can make them!

Friday, January 23rd 2015.

[AUSIA] Training Session!

Server: TBA

Times: ~ 9:00 pm JST // 5:30 pm IST (India) // 12:00 pm (Noon) BST (UK) // 7:00 am EST // 6:00 am CST // 5:00 am MST // 4:00 am PST //

[UK] Ulead 

Server: Breeze

Times: ~ 2:30 pm EST // 1:30 pm CST // 12:30 pm MST // 11:30 pm PST // 7:30 pm GMT (UK) //

[USA] PB With Army

Server: TBD

Times: ~ 7pm EST // 6 pm CST // 5 pm MST // 4 pm PST //

Remember to comment if you can make these events or not!

~The ACP Commandants

One Response

  1. I should be able to make the USA ones. Probably not many UK ones.

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