C’mon UK Guys!

Important Posts:

Hey ACP, this is Ahmed here addressing the UK division. This week I noticed our sizes dropped sharply. That isn’t good at all. I hate seeing people AFK on chat all the time. Now, I did see some people are putting in a lot of effort, but not everyone is. We have to all start working as a team! If I want us to improve, what should I do?

I want you all to do me a favour… if you want our UK division to thrive you have 3 simple tasks to do a day. From 10 or more people doing all of these, imagine how good we will be.

1) Recruit one hour a day

2) Attend events & NEVER EVER go AFK.

3) Motivate/hype events

Simple isn’t it? All of us want us to grow. Both US and AUSIA are doing good enough, but why is the UK missing out? We can’t be left out, we have to keep up with the rest of the army. Teamwork is the key to that. We all have to do something for the army. Look at our CPAC top ten place; 6th. If all of us (all the divisions) do their fair share, we can easily be massive, like we were at this time last year. I know we can do this. So does our fellow clover.

Now it is time for the funtastic  acrostic poem! The worst one ever…

C – Clovers, clovers that never die

L – Lovely people in the army

O – Oaks, we don’t tolerate because we are clovers

V – Very awesome troops

E – Excellent sizes everyday

R – Right, this poem is over

Now it’s time for my second fail..

A – Amazing levels of recruiting

R – Recruiting is love, recruiting is life, ain’t it?

M – Moderators, moderators, moderators, moderating

Y – You people are not allowed to slack (d)

O – Obviously you will not

F – Fear the clover guys, don’t annoy it (d x2)

C – Care for these awesome clovers

L – Lousy CP disrespected them *sigh*

U – Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to disrespect clovers

B – Bring it on, other plants!

P – People, is that a deal, please say yes

E – Everyone should accept this deal

N – Negative Nancy’s are a no-no

G – Green is keen, and clean aswell

U – Uhh, what else should I say?

I – I should say…

N – No more poems, I’m finished!


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