March on Ice Breaker Results

Hello ACP,

Today we logged on to Ice Breaker and took over many rooms on the server. We averaged 15-16 and maxed 17. We also marched through the server all the way from the cove to the ski hill at the end of the event. The new troops as well as everyone together did a great job. Our tactics could have been better, as well as our size, but that is something that can easily be fixed with this super effective amazingly powerful medicine called RECRUITING! The start of the event was slightly rough, but as everyone logged on and warmed up, it went much better through the remainder of the event. I feel that the USA Division can enter a new golden age and flourish once more, but only we truly give it our all and recruit hard. Read on for the pictures!

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Yesterday UK Recruiting

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Hey ACP, Purp here! Yesterday, we did some recruiting on White out and it turned out okay. We had 14-18 the whole time on CP and did a couple of fine tactics. 2 medals if you came, good job and keep recruiting! That way we can grow and get 25+ again. Well, duh. Read more for my pics!

Looking fab, Maxy!

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Ausia Training Session on Breeze

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Hello Acp!

Today we logged into Breeze for a training session! It was pretty good. Although, few of us were unable to log on and were having connection problems. Despite that we did pretty good. We averaged 13-14 and maxed 15! We also tried out pretty cool tactics and successfully made a triangular formation! Well done Ausia! 3 medals if you came! Here’s the results:

sunshine give back clovers

sunshine e+1

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