Strange Stuff of the week featuring Peach ;-;

Important Posts:


Anyone want to eat skulls? They are scrumptious

I did not know that shoes are edible, Ima grab me a piece of shoe…

*Turns on TV* Watches the wrestling match

Thanks man, but get the gender right…

OK, I’ll just… uhh.. be scared for the rest of my life

Being scared of me is just mean

Snazzy smile ­čś«

Handsome face..

These are just some weird things I found.

5 Responses

  1. harry potter one is mine

  2. I feel famous now, as for the pic apparently it was a pokemon but I thought it was more like the head of a decapitated bird stuffed onto the front of a helicopter that is somewhat demented and is being chased by satan.

  3. LOL

  4. Peach had a pic of a pokemon named Yanma, and it’s commonly found in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team in the Deep Chasm where you have to save Shiftry. Yanma is not really popular in the pokemon series, so you won’t hear about it as much.

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