CP Star Wars Rebel Cheats

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Greetings ACP,

Today, the CP Star Wars Rebels Take-over came out. I will take you all on a mini-tour! OK so here we go..

Quest 1 was with Sabine. There are 8 different Rebel symbols scattered around the server, and you must pelt them with snowballs in order to finish the task.

Next up, you are going to be dealing with Ezra, and again, there are some things scattered around the server, this time, the objects are boxes of fruit.

Then Kanan pops up. Then more things will be unlocked over the weekend, then they’ll let you in on the plan.

One Response

  1. I love watching Star Wars: Rebels!!!! :mrgreen: I think i’m in a anime love for saden (wary) Nice post Ahmed!

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