CP Star Wars Rebel Cheats: More tasks

Important Posts:

Greetings ACP,

So, the next few tasks are now available! First, I’ll show you guys Zeb. Firstly, you have to go on the task thing at the top-right corner, then you click on Zeb’s card thing

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 12.17.04 AM

Next, you click “VIEW TASK”. Then Zeb will come up and talk to you…

He wants to get rid of the defence (I spell it like that) towers, he wants us to get rid of them so the ship has the ability to fly. All we need to do is pelt them with snowballs. The first one is at the Snow Forts that I found. It’s at the top-left.

The next one I found is at the forest. It is at the bottom-left corner. Again, you pelt it with snowballs in order to destroy it.

For some ones, you might need to pelt them twice. The next one I found was at the top-left corner of the beach. Pelt it with snowballs to destroy it.

The last one is at the Docks.

Then you will get the items from Zeb.

That’s all for now.. I must recruit, I’ll do Hera and Kanan later or tomorrow!

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