CP Star Wars Rebels Cheats: Even more tasks

Important Posts:

Greetings ACP,

Firstly, I don’t know what’s up with the blue frame on the logo. Anyway, I am here to help you with Hera and Kanan’s tasks!

First, I will show you Hera’s task. She wants you guys to collect eight batteries scattered over the party rooms.

Click start so the mission starts. The first two batteries I found were at the Snow Forts.

Click on them to collect them. The next one is at the plaza, just beside the Pizza Parlour.

The next one I found was at the town, just on the boxes of stuff.

The next two I found were at the Docks. One of them is at the bottom-right corner of the room, the other is just at the left.

Then there is a binary of ’em at the Beach.

Then you are all done! Now you have to collect the item or if you are a member the two items, if you want to!

Now it is time for Kanan’s quest! He got stuck in a ship, let’s save him! You have to pelt the rebels with snowballs.

Once this group of rebels lose, another wave of them will appear at the right.

Then ALL gates will open. AHHH!

Then he will get rescued. That battle with them guys was quite laggy!

Then he will talk to you.

You must fight with people to challenge the Inquisitor. Join me next time for the epic battle with the Inquisitor. Chao!

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