What your rank should be doing

Important Posts:

This post is all about what your rank should be doing. For whatever reason WordPress is not letting me do the bullet points in the middle so I am going to type in bold to make it stand out.

Patrolling our servers, to make sure no enemies are on them

Staying active, attending events

You mods must recruit at least an hour a day

Hype up events

Welcome new recruits

Moderate chat properly

Owners you guys have to recruit more than an hour a day at least

Be welcoming to new recruits

Moderate chat

Hype up events

Post on the site

You guys all must be checking the site constantly, and commenting on it would be amazing! So that’s all for now. Wow, 4th post in 1 day!

3 Responses

  1. I like to become mod
    i recruit more but im stil member (xd)

  2. Nice post.

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