Omegas: Get Prepared Cuz Were Having the Joyride you will see!

Hey ACP, A Message to the Omegas:

Omegas, nice tricks you brought us into your sleeves. It does not mean that the war is OVER! Cmon, Were so tired and sick of you Omegas trying to fiddle with us like. Well, FAR FROM OVER! Don’t ya mess with us fools. You say EF should be SCARED??Oi excuse me what ya gonna do? BOW DOWN TO YOU?! Well Omegas don’t be dependent about that your sick bragging-ness. Now it’s time to bring the fame of the GREEN PRIDE, yes! Omegas? You all ready?! Don’t just stand there. Be desperate, be scared, bow down to ACP!
army of cp penguin

WE NEVER GIVE UP!!!! Even were small, but we remain as one strong army and nation. Don’t let your trollfaces get into you OMEGAS! Don’t be so sure, GET READY TO GET CRUSHED… AKA DEFEAT.


what-grinds-my-85hgif To Brigade and Gordon

May the clover be with ya!! Even it’s gone but still present in our hearts and soul. Cry Omegas cry! That’s right do you think were scared Hehe??? Huh?! From now on we ban OMEGAS and toast them into Tartarus aka Banpool. We cannot give peac unless you don’t act braggy don’t expect into Power against us. TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?! Just wait and see, Omegas get ready? You scared?? Hehehehe,  I thought so… Is that all you got Omegas? Just wait and see.

Preserved Justice, Defend Freedom
-ACP Forever
-Rockstar, ACP 3ic (Filipino Forever) 

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  1. Learn some grammar kid

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