[UK] Cleansing of Mountain SUCCESS


The UK Force logged onto Mountain to secure and patrol the server, and we did not face any opposition from the Omegas, so we were able to successfully claim the server for ourselves. We must continue to recruit and work hard to help our UK force grow stronger, for it is starting to pay off- we managed to average about 10 at today’s event, which shows clear improvement from our sizes last week. Furthermore, our tactics were generally strong today and it is expected that you remain focused during all events. You are awarded 2 medals for your efforts, if you attended.

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Slime’s stuff of the week #2

Greetings schmeetings, ACP!

Welcome to my stuff of the week- 2ND EDITION! I give you guys some bits and bobs from the corners of the Internet and stick it all on this post. It’s a Tuesday, better give you all something to cheer you up anyways. Read on and enjoy.



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