Victory Over the Omegas


AUSIA ULEAD @ 12:30PM UK // 7:30aM EST // 6:00PM IST

UK FORMATION PRACTICE @ 7:00pm uk / 2:00pm EST




Greetings ACP. 

Today marks the end of a quick and brutal war. We declared war on the Omegas of Club Penguin a little more than a week ago because of their atrocious behavior. They were attempting to steal many of our finest soldiers and made DDOS threats against the ACP leadership multiple times, and eventually attempted to carry those threats out. We decided that we had enough of these vile acts and issued a declaration of war. Time and time again we proved our dominance over the Omegas, invading their servers with impunity, oftentimes invading three or more servers in a day. Our domination became so severe that the Omegas began creating propaganda and making excuses as to why invasions didn’t count, despite having the invasions posted more than 72 hours in advance and them cowardly choosing to not log on.

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Retirement of Carson-CP Army Career of a Noob

Hello ACP, today I will tell you something I really don’t want to, but I am retiring from Club Penguin armies so I can have time to focus more on school and some other personal things in my life that I don’t really want to talk about.

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[UK Division] Marshmallow is ours!

Greetings, ACP!

Today, we invaded Marshmallow from the Omegas. It turned out decent, we maxed 11-13 on CP at the end and our tactics were quite good.Good job everyone who came, 3 medals to the members who attended! DON’T FORGET TO COMMENT IF YOU CAME because the promotions are in 3 days, you know! 😉 Now, here’s some things we need to improve on for the next event-

  • Come on chat earlier, don’t come on 5 minutes after the event starts. Organize your time and know when events are!
  • Pay attention and do tactics on CP. Listen on chat more so you know what to do on CP.
  • This is a war which means we must show how awesome we can be against armies. Work hard, recruit and let’s win!

Read more for my pics and let me start off with some jolly pictures of Brigade3, Omegas leader:

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Ausia Invasion of Northern Lights!

Important Posts:

Guide to Autotyping

Guide to Ranks

Hello Acp!

Today the Ausia Division invaded the server Northern Lights. The battle was against the Omegas who again did not show up. We averaged 12-13 and maxed 15! We had a pretty good chat size of around 21 too! Tactics can be improved on, like I stated in the last post! 2 medals if you came! Here’s the results:

okay e+6

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