Retirement of Carson-CP Army Career of a Noob

Hello ACP, today I will tell you something I really don’t want to, but I am retiring from Club Penguin armies so I can have time to focus more on school and some other personal things in my life that I don’t really want to talk about.

In November of 2012 I was searching for some Club Penguin chats on the homepage and I saw the Pirates of CP chat. I thought it looked really cool so I joined. I met people like Waterkid in the Pirates of CP and made lots of friends. The Pirates was mainly a UK army so I wasn’t able to make many events, but after my first event I thought the Pirates were the right army for me.


My first event I could find posted(not my first event ever).

Later on a few months later, one of the owners in the Pirates joined the Nachos for a reason that I forgot and I followed him. The Nachos had a US division unlike the Pirates, so I made lots of their events. One day I thought the Nachos fired me because I couldn’t find my name on the ranks(I was a noob back then) and then I rejoined the Pirates and got mod. The Pirates still didn’t have much of a US division, but they did have US events sometimes.The Pirates later on merged into the Light Troops and I stayed out of Club Penguin armies for a little bit, but I joined an army called the Chaos later on. Then I joined the Light Troops and some small army called the Dark Lightning and rejoined the Chaos when I saw one of the Chaos leaders on the Dark Lightning chat and got Chaos mod and became an army hopper. I later ranked up to Chaos 3ic and quit all armies but the Light Troops. Just about three months later after getting Chaos 3ic, I quit the Light Troops because I got mad at a few people, and that’s when my career in ACP started.

I kept hopping between the LT and ACP then I realized I decided I should stay with ACP if the Light Troops just kept making me mad every time I rejoined. I ranked up in ACP from member to mod, but a little before becoming an ACP 3ic I got leader in a small army called the Anarchists and now an owner in ACP who is now retiring.

Best Friends

These are my best friends I met in Club Penguin armies in no order at all.



Son Nav


Gordon Edwards

Super Crazy Tow

Super Edwin


I will not help any army when I have time unless any of these friends have or had anything to do with the army.




Anarchists Leader

Chaos 3ic

Guardian Penguins 2ic


I had a great time in CP armies, but it is finally to say goodbye, but I will still visit on Xat when I can. ACP is my home army and always will be. Thank you for all of the memories I have had in Club Penguin armies.


21 Responses

  1. Happy retirement Carson! 😦

  2. noooo 😦 I will miss you Carson. Please visit always

  3. I’m going to miss you Carson. You were a really great 3ic!

  4. You were a great owner, sorry to see you go. Good luck in everything you do in life!

  5. A huge honor to have you represent ACP. Best of luck, Carson!

  6. Carson, It is my honor to wish you the best of luck in your life and your education.

  7. Good luck in life, my friend. May you live a joyous and successful life.

  8. Shame on you Frog D:<, Baaa no jk gl with lyfe 😦

  9. Bye Carson,Good luck in your life.

  10. Bye Carson, get your math grade up okay? I’ll miss you but I know it’s for the best. 😦

  11. Don’t let this retirement be too much of a bane on you. I can infer you are under a great deal of personal turmoil; take the time to sort it out and be happy with it. Armies are an addicting hobby that has consumed many lives. Time will make you numb to the desire of coming back, so stay strong. It was great knowing you, friend.

  12. NOOOOOOO, frog bother!!!!! don’t go!!!! D: First maxy, then you!

  13. Good luck in life Carson. I love you and all, but it does upset me that I was not included in your best friends list :(. Anyways, I will miss you pal.

  14. Bai Carson. May the force, be with you m8.

  15. Cya Carson… D:
    I remember the time when you quit LT for ACP. It was euphoric for me. Glad to see you get 3ic, you worked hard and did well! 😀 Good job, good luck in the future too!

  16. Bye Carson! I’ll miss ya, hope to see you around!

  17. looking back at this, i just noticed it…. you didn’t mention me in your post 😥

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