[Army and Navy Forces] Practice Battle With SWAT

Purp: Added on my pics!!

Greetings ACP.

This weekend we were scheduled to have a practice battle with SWAT, but due to their tournament they canceled shortly after the battle began and we did not engage them. In any case we decided to make a training session out of the event. We did fairly well for a weekend event, and maxed about 25 and averaged 20. This event was led by myself, Purpleslime, Fluffyboy, Ahmed, and Maxy; it was also worth three medals.  Make sure to comment if you made it and click read more to see pictures;

We make a V on the Ice Berg!


We also made an X and did some great hearts where nobody said “Hello”.

Our best word tactic of the event  (these still need some work to get us to the level we want to be at).

An E+2 waterfall.

Smilies and rainbow emotes.

Keep up the recruiting and attend as many events as possible ACP! Good job today and make sure to attend the rest  of  the weekend’s events.



6 Responses

  1. Came!

  2. 2nd!!! woohoo! :mrgreen: DARN YOU AHMED, on getting first!

  3. I came

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