UK Pre-Tourney Training RESULTS!

Hey ACP, Purp here! Sorry for the late results. Today at 4:30pm UK, we did quite a peaceful training on Breeze to prepare for the tourney. We practiced our bombs, word tactics, emotes and room changes and did well with sizes of 13. Good job everyone who came, 1 medal if you attended! Read more for pics..

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Victory against the Fire Warriors!








Today’s battle was EXCELLENT, ACP! At today’s tourney battle, we fought strongly and valiantly against FW and managed to defeat them, after a close decision amongst the CPAC owners. We maxed 25 and averaged about 22.


-Maxy 777

US PB With Doritos[Results]

Hey ACP,


Today we logged on to Summit and had a battle with DCP. I have got to say, what happened to you guys? We usually do so much better than this. We averaged 7-10 and maxed 11. DCP Maxed 16.

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Join ACPTR Today

Hello ACP troops.

Are you new to ACP and have no idea what is going on? Do you wanna learn skills in ACP and be the best you can be in ACP? Do you want to earn promotion?

Then apply for ACPTR!

The ACPTR ( which stands for Army of Club Penguin Training Regiment) is a special regiment in the ACP that teaches troop about how to be a ACP troop and what being in ACP means! All you need to do is come to the class, maybe log on Club Penguin maybe not,  and then you get credits for coming! Depending on how many credits you got depends on what sort of promotion you get in ACP!

If you’re between the ranks of Private to Sergeant Major  then you can join ACPTR!

If you are interested in joining ACPTR today then click the penguin below!

acp soldier

Hope to see you next ACPTR lesson! ~ The ACPTR Staff


ACP Friday UK Recruiting

Greetings ACP,

We logged onto Slushy, a 3 bar and had a recruiting session. We did much more spamming today than we did recently. Excellent job ACP, for that you were rewarded 2 medals. We didn’t do any tactics, and we didn’t max very much, we only managed to get 12. I only managed to get one picture.

Comment if you came ~ Ahmed


Hey ACP, it’s Purp here to announce your NEWWW AUSIA 3IC! Now, to make a long story short it’s….

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[AUSIA] Practice Battle Against RPF

Today, ACP logged onto Tuxedo for a practice battle with the Rebel Penguin Federation. We maxed 10 and averaged 7 throughout the event. Our tactics were really good. All that is required is improvement of our sizes. This is why we owners and mods stress on recruiting. Without recruiting, armies cannot exist. So please, recruit in any methods possible. And you shall be rewarded medals for it without fail. Anyway, without any further delay, here are some pictures of the event:

Both, ACP and RPF, together, decided that ACP won this practice battle. Well done ACP!

And of course, a good 3 medals if you came!




Polls and Preferences[Late]

Hey ACP!


Welcome to another edition of Polls and Preferences! Sadly, this one is late because I had to do a bunch of last-minute homework. But the time of arrival shouldn’t affect the quality of the post. So, without further ado, I bring you…

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UK Recruiting Session

Hey ACP, Purp here! Today at 7pm UK, we logged on White Out for a recruiting. I kept on disconnecting (and some fishy stuff kept happening with my good ol’ Pet penguin5..) so Ahmed lead most of the event and we did a few tactics.I’m not sure what sizes we got because of the connection, but I know we maxed 15+ on CP. 3 medals to every member if you came, here are the next goals:

  • Chant more phrases on CP- chant as much as you can and don’t stop! 
  • Try your best to pay attention on chat too for what phrases to chant and if we are going to do any tactics.

We’ll see how we’ll do tomorrow..  hope you understand what you have to improve on, guys. Read more for Ahmed’s pics!

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Ausia training!

Hello Acp!

Today we logged into the server White out [1 bar]. We had a fantastic training session, we averaged around 11-12 and maxed 15. Well done! 2 medals if you came! Here’s the results:

training e+9

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