Slime’s stuff of the week #3

Hey ACP, Purp here! I looked around the Internet and found some pretty neat stuff that I think you all would like. As it’s a Monday, I’m glad to post this and entertain you for the day. Read on and enjoy! Let me just start with this: a kitten popping a water balloon in slow motion.

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Temporary leave!

Hello Acp!

Hey guys! Unfortunately due to my upcoming exams I’ll have to take a leave from the 2nd of February till around the 18th of March 😦  Although, I’ll be there for a week or two between! I won’t be able to attend few events but I’ll try my best to help whenever I can! I’ll keep visiting often though! Also, Rockstar will also be on leave for a week in the end of March. So, we’ll need assistance from all of you to help lead Ausia! Don’t worry I’m sure you’ll all do great!

Don’t forget to recruit! You’ll have to put in more effort!

I’ll miss you ❤

– Star

I’ll try to be on whenever I can!! c: