Just to let you know…

Greetings ACP,

I have two announcements! They are going to be surprises, so I can’t say it right now, if you read on, you will know the announcements. Continue reading


Greetings ACP,

ACP, Please try to make these massive events this week! For all the divisions, at least 20 is expected, some of them may be on weekdays, but we must all try to make the events. So guys, try to stay active and attend events, be motivational, and be HYPING UP THESE EVENTS and lastly and most importantly…

RECRUIT!!! P-lease

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AUSIA Event!


Hello ACP,

Today, we logged on into, Breeze! We had a AUSIA Mystery Event. Turnsout to be a training and some little U-lead too. We need to improve size and recruit. We Averaged 10-11 Maxed 13-14. Indeed we need the improvement to rise again. It depends on us! May the force be with you AUSIA!

Here are the results:

Rockstar, ACP 3ic (Filipino Pride)


Active Count:US/UK/AUSIA for all troops

Hello ACP,

I just wanted to ensure to some troops, especially the worthy ones. Don’t worry if you don’t comment just comment on the active count. You will not lose your rank either of course I’m no dictator XD. Like I said before just wanted to ensure that troops are in good shape and loyal enough. Noticing that some of our troops were afk and lazy, wanting to sure that if you commented and wanted to sure if your active. If you have any problem regarding things. Tell a owner right away and we will try to help ya with anything!


What is your rank?

ACP 3ic

Try to rate yourself from 1 to 10 (be honest)


Any problems regarding things, let us know!