Just to let you know…

Greetings ACP,

I have two announcements! They are going to be surprises, so I can’t say it right now, if you read on, you will know the announcements.

The first announcement is… in 2 or 3 weeks, IF we do good this week, I will be having a Sled Racing Tournament! By this, I mean everyone gets recruiting, and hyping up the events, of course attending them. If you guys want this, we must see at least 15 regularly!

The next epic announcement is…


Err.. what is this you ask? Here is the answer: (this is Slime’s idea, so credits to her) these will occur every two Thursdays, and basically it’s just old-school types of events, like a red vs. blue PB, Hunt-and-kill battles, and more legendary types of events. Exciting right?

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