Greetings ACP,

ACP, Please try to make these massive events this week! For all the divisions, at least 20 is expected, some of them may be on weekdays, but we must all try to make the events. So guys, try to stay active and attend events, be motivational, and be HYPING UP THESE EVENTS and lastly and most importantly…

RECRUIT!!! P-lease

ACP, you have to understand that these are tough times, we need to start growing, and match in size with other armies, we are number one in my heart, but not the biggest army out there. We have to start working together. I want you guys to start recruiting and I do not want to see you guys slacking. Now let’s look at our troops…

UK Troops: From 2nd highest member – leader: 15 troops, but unfortunately, on a regular basis, our UK division hardly gets 10. This needs work.

AUSIA Troops: From 2nd highest member – leader: 15 troops, we are reaching these sizes but, how about recruit to extend this?

US Troops: From 2nd highest member – leader: 21 troops, why are we not reaching this size, yes we do occasionally do nicely, but this needs to be more regular.

So anyway, my point is, you guys need to notify the owners if you can’t attend the events. Please try your best to attend these events, I am going to be keeping an activity log for the week, just to see if people are actually now starting to try harder!

If we do good in these events, you will be rewarded by extra medals, and 2 troops will be temp-modded. In the ones with goals, there will be one temp owner and two temp mods, so get going, this includes who-ever recruits the best, hypes the most, and does his/her best in general. What are you waiting for, get recruiting, hype events, do great things for the army in your spare time!

Army of Club Penguin [ACP]: let us know what you're thinking!

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