UK/US Mammoth Saturday Battle VS SWAT [VICTORY]

Greetings ACP! It’s Purp here.

Today at 7:30pm UK, we fought SWAT on Mammoth for our weekly ‘Mammoth Saturday’ battle! We won and we smashed down the SWAT maxing 23 on CP and averaging a good 20+. We did many amazing tactics too and the troops were great. 3 medals if you came, good job guys! We had a triumphant victory as for SWAT logging off early.

Comment the links of your pics on this post as Lumarnara didn’t have the time to post this. So read more for my groovy pics of this event!


proof of our victory




Awesome. Let’s pull off these sizes on Sunday! ~Purp

16 Responses

  1. Wheres the pic of us doing e-f clovers? D =

  2. Came 🙂 BTW My pics 🙂

  3. LOLOLOLOL nice one acp u smashed them good great job

  4. I came.

  5. Wow SWAT got squished like a feather out there.
    Nice job UK! ❤

  6. i was there

  7. I came _#awesomegreenspider

  8. HEADS UP TO ALL OWNERS: Skipper233 here, I won’t be on for a while, because sadly my monitor stop working and it would be hard to see anything if i came on, so yea. If you want to, you can demote me slime – your choice, i’ll try to get the money, to get a new monitor. But for now, i’m sorry and good luck, my friends.


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