The Current Situation // My Mission For You

Greetings, ACP. Purp here!

Recently, we’ve been barely reaching 15 on chat – at UK, USA & AUSIA times. Barely any soldiers, mods and members, attending events. Why? 

This is a sign. This tells me we need to work harder. Harder than normal. We might be 2nd in the top ten, but it doesn’t mean we should stop, it doesn’t mean that we need to stop, well, I’m going to have to say this word a lot now…


Trust me here, recruiting does a lot. It made IW go from SMAP to CPAC, it made WV get 1st in the top ten from scratch, and now it’s our time to shine.

Recruiting made USA reach 20+ daily, it made AUSIA get 25+ in the weekends and it made the UK get 15-20+ too.

I’ll guarantee that we will rise if we all recruit, together, at all possible times. We would be proud if we see our army get 20+ again and have bigger chat size all thanks to our hard work. 

So, are you ready? This is it. This is the time we shine. What are you waiting for? Download an autotyper and autotype for hours on end, get a spare penguin and use it, I know we can do this! 

What I need you troops to do, of course, is to recruit. This is my mission for you. Now let’s accomplish it.



Ausia Recruiting


Hey ACP,

We have some recruiting done before logging off. Some of us were having problems during event. Star being AFK (due to studies) I decided to lead, some troops, and nothing else.

I have few pics:

DPpEPiw yfDNf9n cuBcdM8

2 Medals if you came. Comment if ya came!

-Rockstar, ACP AUSIA 3ic (Filipino Pride)