Recruiting Ideas to make ACP Rise??

Hey ACP,

As you can see ACP is falling like into thin sheets. I’m being honest with you! ACP have barely survived this new thing, which we call is FALLING!. This post will gonna make you help ACP rise and restore back into it’s sizes. Like ACP used to be known bigger sizes back then. Now it’s our generation, let’s get some those of Clover Chips. Restoring is hard work by I mean Hark Word, also comes with great responsibility!

images (14)

Yep ACP Forever and epicness!

download (10)

US: Never let your pride down, stay the way how good and fire away.

images (15)

UK: Keep the rising and don’t give up . Show that you fight the good fight.

images (16)

Aus: A independent nation yet with a strong balance that hold it together. Continue it and let it go.


Asia: Inspiration of all discovery in the 15th century. Until today you continue to stay strong.

Autotype- it can make it faster and reliable. Just ignore the penguin who throwed the snowballs, rely on what message and what impact could it bring. Spread the word about the CP Armies better.

Any other ideas, besides that?? I know you have ideas but do not be afraid to suggest and help spread the word of armies. Let’s be clear about this and rely to each other that we can make ACP the best army you can see and prove the the community what were capable of. Don’t give up remember when Boomer used to lead ACP into greater heights and putting it into the golden age?? We can do it too. We must RECRUIT RECRUIT RECRUIT! Show your leadership and give it your all. Remember my message cause this will help ACP go into awesome sizes, even 20+ is achievable.All we have to do is just to work all together and make this job continue and for everyone to see the fun in armies.

Do not cry soldier. There is a chance, no more can stop us from evolving. Remember that we made the fun for everyone not the time to see and use it only for ranks. It’s not showing fun and using armies for higher ranks, does not sacrifice and fighting with styles.

Crying does not answer all the problems. There is hope and a chance, try to make the day a epic one and for everyone to enjoy and endure the fun itself. Crying show how weak we are, showing that we are strong enough to make up for it. I remember when my country always hits with disasters but in the end we rise and show of not giving up!

Are you with me?? Of course, let’s do it!

Preserved Justice, Defend Freedom.

This is Rockstar, ACP 3ic (Filipino Pride), Signing off…

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    some point. I want to encourage yyou to continue your gfeat
    work, have a nice day!

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