UK/USA Mammoth Saturday Results [Victory]

Hey ACP, it’s Purp here for the bajillionth time this week! Today at 7:30pm UK, as for EVERY Saturday, we fought SWAT awesomely on Mammoth and it was an absolute victory for us. We maxed 15+ on CP whilst SWAT maxed only about 5 and logged off within 15 mins. We did many tactics, lead by me, Fluffy and Ahmed! Good job everyone who came! 3 medals if you attended. We may have got small sizes, but we had a lot of fun: we all did some Card Jitsu in the end in celebration for Valentines day! Fluffy beat me in every kind of Card Jitsu though…. ahhhhrgh!

happeh valentines day, from slime and fluffy!


Now read more for the groovy pics! AND MAKE SURE TO COMMENT IF YOU CAAAME!!


And I’m going to leave you with this creepy card jitsu card I got after pressing = on CP..



6 Responses

  1. i came

  2. Nice event!

  3. I came!

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