New Law

Edit: We are also hiring mods! Pc Purpleslime4 or Fluffyboy3 if you are interested! 

Hello ACP,

The leaders, Fluffyboy and Purpleslime, Ahmed and I all agreed on a new law. ACP soldiers at the 6ic moderator rank and up are now no longer allowed to be in another army. Those of you who are in another army and is a 6ic or higher have until 2/22/15 [February 22nd, 2015] to leave the other army. Those who don’t will be at risk of demotion to 7ic. This law officially goes into effect immediately upon publishing of this post.

Many of the owners have known that this has been brewing. It was only a matter of time before a law was put into effect. One reason that this law was agreed upon is because we have noticed that there are many mods that are occupied in other armies and are also in ACP. Some aren’t even doing their duties. This may be a part of the reason why some of the mods in all divisions aren’t active or recruiting nearly enough. In other words, slacking. This law should be able to help the situation and change things. It was not agreed upon to “limit” anyone’s freedom in ACP. It is only meant to help ACP and the current mod situation, as well as hopefully prevent issues in the future.

Those of you who ponder which army to choose, If you pick ACP, you will not regret it. I haven’t. I have been in ACP for 3 years this July and I have never wanted to leave or anything like that. I have always felt at home in ACP and you will too.

Just so you all know, if this seems somewhat “harsh” to you, it is all for the best.

If you have any questions or worries regarding this new law, talk to me, King Mondo on chat.

Getting to Know Troops

Hello ACP!


Yes, im back with another edition of Getting to Know Troops! Lets get right into it. The next person that was chosen to be interviewed is… *drumroll*  Continue reading

UK/US PB vs. Nachos & Ice Warriors [RESULTS]

Greetings ACP,

Today we had a PB against the Nachos and the Ice Warriors at 7:30pm GMT. We did not do good for a weekend, we only managed to get 13 (not very sure) or so. ACP, we had a great chat size, but why did you go AFK? This isn’t acceptable guys. Get recruiting.

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UK Event Times (UK must vote in all, UK and US must vote on the weekend one

Greetings ACP,

Over the last few weeks, we have noticed severe inactivity in the UK division. Is it possible that the event times are responsible for this? If it is, this is just the right post. UK troops are required to vote on the following polls… read on for the polls.

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AUSIA Advanced Tactic Session


Rockstar Here,

We logged on into Breeze for Advance Tactics. This event will help succeed the tactics so that if any problems. No problems but the thing is we should Pay Attention! When leader gives orders follow him or her.


2 Medals if you came!