Slime’s stuff of the week #4

Greetings guys! Since I haven’t had the time to make my ACP Recap, I’ll mention all the awesome facts and search terms here! So just read on and experience the epic randomness of my stuff of the week. So, to get you hyped up- what is this picture of?

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Mid-month-PROMOTIONS!!! FEBRUARY 2015 + Prizes

Ranks are  now updated!

Hey ACP, Purp here! I hope you’re ready. We’ve had a rough week this month and there have been many troops who have worked hard to help this army. We promised prizes, and you GET prizes. We owners are cheap, we have no xats or powers to give HOWEVER… we have promotions and many other prizes too that we could give out! We couldn’t give out promotions to some of the good recruiters because of rank imbalance so yeah. To be clear, those who have recruited and who have been exceptionally active are the ones who will be promoted and will also be the ones who will get secret special prizes on this post. Read more and let’s find out! Good job to everyone who has been active and who have been recruiting, you really earned it. Don’t stop, never give up, and you’ll get your dream rank in no time! This is a warning to the other mods and members out there – recruit and be active at this time of need. I told you we’d give out rewards if you recruit! God knows how many times I’ve said ‘recruit’ on this post. Continue reading

Events of the Week 16th February-22nd February 2015

Greetings ACP, On the most recent top ten, we fell down as low as 8th. We have to start doing better. Today, (16th of February), it will be a break day, so watch out for unscheduled events and also, be sure to recruit a lot throughout the week. This week, our owners (hopefully) take our troops to recruit with them. Rewards will be given if we get certain sizes too! Be sure to attend these…

Sunday 22nd February

Next: IMPORTANT [UK/US] Practice Battle vs. Golds

Server: Mammoth

Times: 7:30pm GMT (UK)

2:30pm EST

1:30pm CST

12:30pm MST

11:30am PST

IMPORTANT [US] Practice Battle vs. Dark Bandits 

Server: Mammoth

Times: 12am GMT (UK)

7pm EST

6pm CST

5pm MST

4pm PST

Comment if you can come ~ The ACP Commandants

AUSIA/UK’s Rad Recruitin’ Session


Yo guys, Purp here! Today at 11:20am UK // 4:50pm IST we had an unscheduled recruiting that lasted 40 AWESOME MINUTES! We had at least 20 on chat and went on White out ( a 2 bar but I’m not so sure because soon after we came on it got more crowded).

The recruiting was awesome and pretty much full of havoc and drama. I can’t even keep track of what happened. Wait, nevermind! Ok, so Cheedu started raiding our recruiting and threatening us, then came an LT autotyper, Epic Master was mad at an LT person on our chat, a SWAT owner helped us but kept spamming the tactics wrong & flooding then started to swear…and oh god.. so much stuff happening! It’s only a Monday, jeez! But anyway, we threw in a couple of great tactics on CP and we spammed and autotyped the whole time! We maxed at least 16 on CP and averaged 10-15 most of the time. Excellent job to all those enthusiastic AUSIA and UK troops who came on!

Read more for me and Ahmed’s pics and COMMENT IF YOU CAME FOR PROMOTION CREDIT!

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