UK/US PB VS Golds [Victory]

Hey guys, Purp here! Today at 8:00pm UK, we battled Golds on Flippers. It was an utter victory. Although we had the same sizes for a few times during the event, I think that we were better with the tactics and also the Golds logged early! But really, it doesn’t matter. We had a lot of fun and did many awesome tactics! There were snowball fights, epic bombs, groooovy formations and more! We averaged 15 and maxed 17. Good job everyone who came, 4 medals if you attended! That was definitely a great battle, Golds.

well arent u guys havin’ a fun time? hehehe

Read more for the pics and COMMENT IF YOU CAMEZIES! Thanksies to Ahmed, Peacho and Gian for ‘dem pics!









14 Responses

  1. I came! :mrgreen:

  2. Came

  3. I came!

  4. I came.

  5. CAME

  6. Came.

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