Polls and Preferences



Hello ACP!


This is my first post in this series that is based on simple polls and preferences. Basically, every Wednesday [and sometimes Friday if I have time] I will post two polls for everyone to vote on based on a preference between two objects/products/settings or a poll with multiple options. It is not mandatory to take part in these polls, it is meant for fun and to see what the army as a whole thinks about certain things. Also, if any of the retirees want to participate, it’s fine with me. Again, it is meant for everyone affiliated or once was affiliated with ACP. Well? What are you waiting for? Lets get to it!


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US Recruiting Session

Hello ACP!


Today, we logged on CP and we had a really great recruiting session. We maxed around 25 and averaged 17-22. Even though there was quite a bit of lag, that still is affecting me while I write this post, we fought through it. We focused on bringing in recruits with our lines rather than doing a bunch of tactics for this event. It seems as though we are starting to get back up after our fall into 8th place on the last top ten. Even though we did have a fall, we are reviving from it, and getting back up. Most importantly, we aren’t giving up. I am proud of you guys. As a result of this event, we are getting a bunch of recruits. Keep it up ACP, and remember, NEVER give up.

Do you realized how many times Thomas Edison screwed up before becoming one of the most famous and important people of all time and making possibly the most important invention ever? 1000 times. Yea that’s right. You read it. And did he give up? NO! He kept on trying, didn’t give up, kept going, didn’t stop. Then at one point, he did it… He made the first electrical light bulb! Many more people have done that in history, and it ends up being an inspiration and a lesson that I hope all of you embrace and learn from.

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UK – Very “Recruity” Recruiting Session

Greetings ACP,

Today at 7pm UK, we logged onto Flurry, a 3 bar and had an epic recruiting session! We got disturbed through it by some LT troops. Anyway, this recruiting session was very good, everyone did a good bit of spamming, and we did some nice tactics too. In the middle of the event, we managed to get a size of 22 for a little while, and our average size throughout the event was 17-18. Brilliant job ACP, our UK division is definitely rising!

Read on for more pics taken by Gian and I & be sure to comment if you came!

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INTRODUCING – The Fruit Dudes… and more!

Greetings ACP,

Today, I will be introducing the fruit dudes! They are basically people that have fruit costumes, which have green in them! Look below at the pics to see how effective they are when battling. You don’t have to be a fruit though!

Yes, I know the puffle is not green, that is the only puffle costume I had! Anyway, this is when we do a sitting duck or anything involving sitting on other armies. So, if you have any of these costumes, use them in battles! Keep reading to see which ones would be the most preferable.

1. Green Puffle Costume

2. Green Grape Costume

3. Watermelon Costume

4. Kiwi Costume

If you don’t have these items, it’s alright. This is just telling the people who do have them to use them.


Ausia Recruiting Session!

Hello Acp!

Today the Ausia division logged into the server White out for a recruiting session. It was great, and I’m pretty sure we attracted a lot of recruits, despite the “interruption”. Our tactics weren’t all that great, I’d call it decent. We averaged around 15 and maxed 17! Well done, 2 medals if you came! Here’s the results:

Our size!

Our size!

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