Getting to know Troops!

getting to know troops

Hello Acp!

I, once again present you my Getting to know troops series! Thanks for covering up for me Mondo! Anyways, today I decided to interview Agent Ryan! Let’s get started with the interrogation. Read more for the interview!

Star (me): Green

Agent: Blue

What’s your favourite part about the Acp? my favourite part is that everyone is loyal and i have a lot of friends here, it makes me feel like this is my home!

That’s sweet! Now for some questions about yourself, what’s your favourite food? Turkey and Chinese food. 

What’s you favourite animal [baa]? SHEEP ALL THE WAY

You got that right, let’s destroy those frogs!! What’s your favourite color? Blue

What’s your favourite movie? Monsters University

Are you excited about the Sound Studio Party? Not much

Okay thanks for your time Agent! Np

That’s all for now. Do let me know if you’d like to be interviewed!  Just leave a comment below or contact me through our chat!

– Star

7 Responses

  1. XD! today I also took over the server below zero! good luck for finding my attack days

  2. Black Pipe Army rules as green brothers!

  3. I never knew that about you, Agent! Pretty cool!

  4. Do you decide who gets interviewed star?

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