US Practice Battle VS. DB[RESULTS]

Hello ACP!


Today, we logged on Mammoth and faced the Dark Bandits and ended victorious. We averaged 11-12 and maxed 14. Our size stayed about the same for pretty much all of the event. Our tactics were actually really good, despite size. We should have had around at least 20 on CP, but lots of people are on leave and have a lot of homework or chores to do before the new week started tomorrow. We need to do better though. Good job ACP. Remember, if we all do our part and recruit as hard as we can, it will pay off sooner or later. Don’t ever give up, soldiers. Stay strong.


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US/UK Battle vs Golds

Hello ACP.

Today we logged on for a practice battle with the Golds. We did well for the most part, but our formations could use a bit of work to show off our size better. We maxed 18 and averaged 15.

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AUSIA/UK Training Session



Good morning, ACP! Oh yea and good night, AUSIA!

Today at 10:30am UK, we logged on Breeze and had a training session. The times were a bit messed up for the UK and USA on the events post, but at least the AUSIA times were right- however, that resulted in many people being AFK and some confusion but it worked out well in the end. We had around 8-10 in the beginning then maxed 15 at the very end when more people started coming on. We did many mighty fine tactics too! 2 medals if you came.

Comment if you attended and read more for the pics taken by me, Ahmed and Travis! Thanks guys!

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