Hey ACP, it’s Purp here to announce your NEWWW AUSIA 3IC! Now, to make a long story short it’s….

The reason why we chose Vex as our new AUSIA 3ic is that we believe that he has the know-how and experience to be able to bring the AUSIA force back from the dead, and he will contribute to making our AUSIA force our key deterrent against other armies again. Some of you may argue that his activity isn’t great, but the ACP ownership firmly believes that problems like this can be resolved easily, so we will ensure that Vex’s activity is consistent over the coming weeks. Just know that the AUSIA force is now in safe and experienced hands. Before I conclude this post, I would like to announce further leadership changes that will be coming soon, that will not only bring ACP’s dying forces back to life but will restore ACP’s position as a world power and heavy political influence, so look forward to huge changes that will come in the next month!

Signing out,

-Purpleslime4, ACP Leader

-Maxy 777, ACP 3ic

3 Responses

  1. wow i just noticed this now
    i feel greatly honored, so thank you
    i’ll do my best to improve activity as school just began

  2. congrats vexiechan

    the dango siblings are all the way with you ❤

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