US PB With Doritos[Results]

Hey ACP,


Today we logged on to Summit and had a battle with DCP. I have got to say, what happened to you guys? We usually do so much better than this. We averaged 7-10 and maxed 11. DCP Maxed 16.

About a fourth of the way into the battle, something happened and both of us lost size. This was a huge disappointment to not only me and the owners, but to everyone in the army. If everyone just recruit as much as they could, and put effort into ACP, we can rise the army back up to its glory and flourish over the army community once again. But if this keeps up, who knows what will happen. So again, recruit as much as you can. I’m doing way more than my part, so you should all do the same. Also, try to get more active. I understand that things are going on in life like exams and school, but it doesn’t last for that long. When you guys are out of the tunnel of exams and school work, do your best in ACP and I assure you, you shall make a difference.

Anyway, here are the pictures:


The reason for such few pictures is that the battle didn’t last very long, and no one really took many pics.


We can do better ACP. We have to do better. Start recruiting non-stop, and don’t forget about the March Madness Battle Round One tomorrow at 12:30 pm PST, 3:30pm EST.


Thanks to Vex and Icy for the pictures!










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