My Voyage Begins – The New AUSIA 3ic

Hello ACP.

Although you have probably noticed that I’ve been in ACP for a while, today I am speaking to you as a 3ic of the Army of Club Penguin. To be honest I had doubts that I would actually be promoted to this rank because of the new school term beginning only several weeks ago. That isn’t to mention that Abhi20 was as good of a 3ic candidate than I was, and I believe that his great potential will be put to the test in the near future.

My history with the ACP began when I joined the army in 2010 to 2011 after joining the Ice Warriors. My memories of those days are vague due to the extreme minority of Australians and Asians before the outbreak of the AUSIA Division, so my time in the army at that time was short lived. A few months later I began a 5+ army with real life friends (excluding Skyfish) named the Army of Darkness. The army underwent several name changes, and people the army included some of the first AUSIA troops, an example being Superaalden.

I then joined several armies like SWAT and the Light Troops in the years of 2011 to 2013, leading LT to become one of my first homes in the community. Many of my most nostalgic moments came from this time, such as the returning HSA and my own Australian/Asian army in early 2013.

Skipping the time to late 2013, I was a washed up army hopper whom had basically lost his whole career. It was then that I met Flipmoo, who would eventually accept me into the ACP community. This led me to become friends with people such as Ken/Splasher (Azis hehehehe) and Mrtchy. I participated in the war against the Army Republic, and I am proud to say that we completely decimated them at AUSIA times, and I am happy to say that those times were fantastic.

Some time after the war Splasher decided to resign, and it was then that I competed against Mrtchy for the new 3ic position. I ultimately failed (you can still find the post here) which led me to join armies such as IW and RPF, and then eventually GT. After being couped in GT I helped with the failed Fire Warriors hype, which lead me to leave armies for a short period of time. It took me a while to decide, but I eventually joined ACP once more in September to November last year. I began as a second highest member, and since then I have become great friends with many of you and it has lead me to where I am today – as a 3ic in the amazing Army of Club Penguin.

Although many times in the past I have been attributed as an army hopper, I have gotten to where I am with patience and I plan not to throw away the hard work and friendships that I have made. I hope that I can work together with you to contribute to the regrowth of our AUSIA division and the forming of our army’s prosperous future.


ACP Third in Command


5 Responses

  1. Vex m9 ❤

  2. Welcome! Woo i am on my new ipad

  3. Congrats Vex! c:

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