Ausia U-Lead!

Hello Acp!

Today the Ausia division had an U-Lead session, which was led by the troops. They led extremely well. Also, credit to the soldiers that came recruiting with me before the event. After all, we are aiming for first next week aren’t we? So, keep recruiting and attending events! We averaged around 8 and maxed 9! Even so, we can do much better. 2 medals if you came. Here’s the results:

lol e+0

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My FInal exams coming soon and few probs

Rockstar Here,

First of all my final exams are coming and I have clearance to done with.

My reasons:

1.) I need to finish my school requirements.

2.) ACPRF please I’m on leave no strikes for me at the moment. (note for Ahmed)

3.) FInishing my final exams, my internet not payed by my parents.

4.) I might return after the school/after exams unless my internet is payed.

5.) I have limited access that’s why I can’t access my internet to my computer cause my broadband is not my reliable thing anymore and it sucked at me.

6.) AUSIA can’t be stable without me I need to be excused I can’t be online anytime soon.

7.) Finally, I need time for some things that are important besides ACP

8.) and for the sake this is not my retiring post. -_-

~ Like others, me and other also have responsibilities. Please understand me

~Rockstar, ACP 3ic