AUSIA Training Session Results 4/03/15

Cześć ACP.

Today we had a decent AUSIA training session led by me and Star. We had well over a full chat, however we only managed to max 8-9+ in size. It could be better, but it is a large improvement from yesterday in which we had 5 troops on the chat room. So in that context we didn’t do too bad and we can easily improve in the near future.

We also had a fun “hide and seek” session at the end. Because of some confusion there is 3 winners for the small competition as listen below.

  • Rockman
  • Agent Ryan
  • Jaisick

Those who attended the event receive 3 medals.

acpevent1 2

acpevent1 1acpevent1

Comment below if you came!

Sidie9 – ACP Third in Command


13 Responses

  1. comezies

  2. Camezies

  3. Camzies for Endzies

  4. you wouldn’t have found me :@

  5. I came too

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