Announcement Regarding medals.

Hai ACP! This is a little announcement stating that the medals system is abolished. In return you will comment on event result posts to the events you come to.

Signing off

□■□~The ACP Commandants~□■□

UK Sunday Recruiting

Hey ACP, Purp here! Today at 7pm UK, we recruited on Snow Angel and we managed to get someone to join. Welcome to ACP, Evil Pillow! We did a few decent tactics and maxed 18 on CP. Read more for the pics and be sure to comment if you came!

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AUSIA Training Session Results 8/03/15

Cześć ACP.

Today was a decent day for our AUSIA division. We logged onto Mammoth and reached a max of 10, however we started to slow down to an average of 8 troops. We had some fun at the light house in the end, and we had an amazing “Never Going to Give You Up” (by Rick Astley) performance by Bam. I am not disappointed, however I do believe that we can still improve. Continue to recruit and attend events and hopefully we can do better in the future

2 medals have been awarded to those who logged on.

p.s: we luv u bam ❤

acpevent4 clovers

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