UK Battle VS Water Ninjas; Helpers, Bombs & An Awesome Return!

Hey ACP, Purp here! Today at 7:30pm UK, we fought the Water Ninjas on Breeze. It was an utter ACP victory, yet again! We battled it out at the town the whole time with impressive tactics and formations! We maxed at least 17 at the end and averaged 15 whilst the Water Ninjas maxed at least 15. You guys put up a good fight, but why the helpers?!

‘goodbye’? That’s the surrendering spirit, WN!


Good job everyone who came- read more for the awesome pics. Be sure to comment if you came and congratulations to Agent Ryan for getting temp mod!

I’d also like to welcome Gagilli back to the ACP. He was a troop a year ago and we’re all glad to see him again 😀

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AUSIA Training Session Results 12/03/15


Cześć ACP.

Our AUSIA event began with a terrible start. However, with patience we managed to pull through the troubles we had. We maxed 12+ with decent tactics, however we struggled to perform tactics at many times. I’m really happy with those who attended the event.

ps. rip dw and rpf 😦

acpevent7 cakes

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