The Retirement of Purpleslime4: It’s about Slime!

*Maxy is now 2ic, Ahmed is now leader. Congratulations. BTW Post may contain swears. I hope you read this post and not just scroll through it. I have a serious message for you guys!

Hey guys, Purp here for the last time as ACP leader.

It’s time. It’s slime! A-hee-dee-haw. Nope. Wrong timing… 😦

Friday the 13th of March; 4 years and 5 months in ACP, roughly 307 days as ACP leader, the time is now up.

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USA/UK- Purpleslime4’s Last Event

Hey guys, Purp here for the second-last-ish time! Today at 8:30pm UK, we had my last event. We didn’t get great sizes, our tactics or formations weren’t the MOST PERFECTEST IN THE WHOLE GALAXY OF GALAXIES OF GALAXIES, but I was glad to spend my last moments with the troops I enjoy being with.. Ooh, sorry AUSIA.. you’re awesome too. I wish I spent more time with you guys too!!!!

We had 20-25 on CP and our tactics were amazing. We started off with card jitsu and with Waterkid arguing about gay people on chat, which was jolly good, so yea. Thank you everybody who came, appreciate it. Thank you Gian, Funks, everyone for the pics! COMMENT IF YOU CAME.

And to think I came into CP armies as a noob on a chat full of grown ups.

I leave CP armies as a kind-of-successful leader on a chat full of people arguing about homophobes and of CPAC people linking some weird ‘gay CP’ post.

Jolly good.

Nah just kidding, that only happened during the beginning! It was better in the end. Don’t feel bad, I left happily with all these wonderful troops doing amazing tactics and with me having over a trillion PCs! GREAT!!!

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Ausia U-lead on Mammoth + Some hide and seek!

Hello Acp!

Today we had a fantastic U-lead on the server Mammoth! I have to say, you guys sure lead well! We averaged 14 and maxed around 15! We also, had a hide and seek session in which the winners were:

1) Ashs

2) Spinster

3) Agent Ryan

Congratulations to the winners and everybody who attended the event. Like I promised 3948298584 cookies for you! Haha, well done today! Keep recruiting to produce fruitful results like this event!


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