The Retirement of Purpleslime4: It’s about Slime!

*Maxy is now 2ic, Ahmed is now leader. Congratulations. BTW Post may contain swears. I hope you read this post and not just scroll through it. I have a serious message for you guys!

Hey guys, Purp here for the last time as ACP leader.

It’s time. It’s slime! A-hee-dee-haw. Nope. Wrong timing… 😦

Friday the 13th of March; 4 years and 5 months in ACP, roughly 307 days as ACP leader, the time is now up.


1. ACP song parodies

2.My CP army life

3. People


5.My message

1. Dedicated to the troops- my ACP song parodies;

 I want this post to have a little pinch of ACP pride, so enjoy these ACP song parodies I made! Just to give back to you guys for being amazing troops for my last weeks.

As suggested by Fire (Rocking around the christmas tree)- Rocking Around The Server Breeze

Rockin’ around the server breeze

At an A-C-P event

E+F emotes all around you as you can see

Every soldier doesn’t stop

Rocking around the server Breeze

Let the spirit of victory ring

Later we’ll have an unscheduled

And we’ll do some patrolling

You will get a patriotic feeling

When you hear

Penguins chanting ”ACP FOREVER”


Rockin’ around the server Breeze

Let’s have an awesome recruiting session

Everyone recruiting merrily,

In the new old fashioned way!

You will know that many troops are joining

When you spam-



Rockin’ around the server Breeze

Let’s have an awesome fun Ulead!

Everyone’s leading super-well

In the new old fashioned way!

Woo yea, Fire Dingo!

As suggested by Crazy Tow (Baby got back)

(Intro) Oh my god, Maxy, look at that troop

It is suck an ass-licker

He looks like one of those nooby new guys

But you know, they’re new to CP armies

The owners only like him because he looks so patriotic, okay?

I mean, his promotion is gonna be so big

I can’t believe how nooby he is, I mean he like doesn’t get it here, I mean gross- look!

He’s just so.. LOYAL!…

I like new troops and I cannot lie

You other owners can’t deny

That when a troop comes on chat and doesnt know a thing

And you have a pleasant smile on your face

You welcome the troop, you wanna seem nice

‘Cause you notice that troop has ACP in his name
On the front of his xat username
I welcome him, I can’t stop being so kind
Oh troop, you better attend events
And add you to the ranks
My 3ics tried to warn me
But that troops’ enthusiasm is what I need
(innapropiate sounding stuff…)
I’m tired of CPAC
Sayin’ ACP is falling and stuff
Take the average ACP owner and ask him that
(inapp inapp stuff)
So, soldiers! (Yeah!) soldiers! (Yeah!)
Are these new troops super active? (Heck yeah!)
Tell ’em to recruit (RECRUIT!) Recruit! (RECRUIT!)
Recruit and spam phrases!
Troop got devotion!

Dedicated to Agent Ryan (Boyfriend) – ‘Soldier’

[Verse 1:]
If I joined ACP, I’d never ever quit
I can take troop’s places for mod or owner
Leader, take a chance or you’ll never ever know
I got experience in cp armies that I’d really like to expand
Gonna autotype, autotype’, autotype, for you
Recruiting on Blizzard while I’m eatin’ fondue
I don’t know about me as member but I know about you
So say hello to me as moderator in 3,2..autotype.

I’d like to be everything you want
Hey leader, let me talk to you

If I was your soldier, never ever quit
If you need someone to post something, you’d never be alone
I can be in ACPTR, anything you want
If I was your soldier, I’d never ever quit, I’d never ever quit…

[Verse 2:]
Tell me what you want me to do yeah tell me what you don’t
I could be your Boomer20, give you advice
I don’t ever wanna rage yeah, you already know
I’m a make you army rise like you’re back in 2010
Leader, leader, you could be my leader
You could be my leader until the Army of CP dies
Make you promote me by makin me recruit
(something, something idk what this is)



Dedicated to Sonic (American pie) – Army of CP

A long, long time ago
I can still remember how that CP Armies used to make me smile
And I knew if I had my chance
That I could make those troops recruit
And maybe ACP would be big and great for a while

But December made me upset
No new troop that I had met
Bad news on the top ten for us
I couldn’t take one more step

I can’t remember if I ever managed to stand tall
When I read about ACP’s fall
But something hurt me deep inside
The day that ACP died

So bye-bye, Army of CP
Tried to rise to new heights but they were too high enough
And them troops who quit who were havin’ fun in LT
Singin’ “I’ll never come back to ACP
I’ll never come back to ACP”

[Verse 1]
Did you write the history of ACP
And do you have faith ACP now
If the I tells you so?
Now do you believe in CP armies?
Can autotyping save our mortal soul?
And can you teach me how to lead really well?

Well, I know that you want to quit 
‘Cause I saw you hanging on another chat
You both were having fun talking smack
Man, I don’t dig the anti-pride with ‘this’ and ‘that’

I was a 12 year old owner
With good hope to rise the army
But I knew I was out of luck
The day that ACP died.

I started singin’ bye-bye, the Army of CP
Tried to rise ACP to new heights but they were too high for us 
Them old ACP troops are havin’ fun IN DW
Singin’ “I’ll never come back to ACP
I’ll never come back to ACP”

[Verse 2]
Now for a few months we haven’t survived
And moss grows fat on the old army pride
But that’s not how it used to be
When you got kicked for doing caps on chat
When Ken and Flip used to come online
And there was motivation in me

Oh, and while the Oagal was looking down
Purpleslime4 stole the thorny crown
The courtroom was adjourned
No verdict was returned

And while Boomer tried to help me
While we were trying out recruiting phrases on CP
And we chanted useless things on a 2 bar
The day the ACP died

I started singin’ bye-bye, the Army of CP
Tried to rise ACP to new heights but they were too high for us 
Them old ACP troops are havin’ fun IN DW
Singin’ “I’ll never come back to ACP
I’ll never come back to ACP”

Dedicated to Watercolour (I’m lonely) – I’m inactive

Quit that army for the ACP, uh!
Quit that army for the ACP, uh!
Show me you ain’t too shy
We have the best, but say you shouldn’t army hop
I just want to make a deal with you
Gonna rise ACP tonight

I’m inactive, I’m too lazy, I’m inactive
I think I’ll be couped, I’m inactive
ACP’s falling, I’m inactive
I’m inactive, I’m inactive,I’m inactive,I’m inactive,
We can rise ACP, soldier you the one I wanted
I said I’m inactive,I’m inactive,
I’m inactive,I’m inactive,
I’m inactive,I’m inactive,
But when I get you to join, it’s going down, uh

[Verse 1]
I wrote this for my retirement, tell the truth to you
I persuade you way too much, before you get a bigger rank
And a few weeks I could give up trying to recruit you
Then we’d probably make up and forget about it
Gotta get that thing tucked like whoa


[Verse 2]
[inappppp soo inappp]

Dedicated to Vince- (I miss you) -(SAD STUFF SAD STUFF SAD STUFF OHH SO DEPRESSING! i can’t do dis! D:)

Dedicated to Mrtchy- (Lips are movin)

If you’re not recruiting, If you’re not recruiting
If you’re not recruiting, then you’re demoted-emoted-emoted, soldier,
If you’re not recruiting , If you’re not recruiting
If you’re recruiting, then you’re dead, dead, dead, soldier

Troop, look at me on the chat
Tell me that you’re not just about this rank
You really think you’re not needed?
Nah, troops don’t come from outta space,
And I’m a strict leader, Imma hold it up,
You’re full of something but it ain’t loyalty
And what we got, straight overdue
Go find some army new!

I know you lie
Say that you’re recruiting
Tell me do you think I’m dumb?
I might be 13, but I aint stupid
Typing around with your manipulation
I gave you promos, You just gave me activity
Saying how ACP’s your number 1
But I know you lie
Sayin’ your recruiting,
Soldier don’t you know that you’re fired.

If you’re not recruiting, If you’re not recruiting
If you’re not recruiting, then you’re demoted-emoted-emoted, soldier,
If you’re not recruiting , If you’re not recruiting
If you’re recruiting, then you’re dead, dead, dead, soldier

Hey soldier don’t you beg me
Cause it’s too late, too late, soldier
You only respect ACP  when you’re fired
You’re so two-faced, two-faced, troop…

You can attend events and deny-ny-ny, ny-ny-ny, deny-ny
But I can tell on the ACPRF site so goodbye-bye-bye, bye-bye-bye

* repeat chorus blah blah*

 The pride is always greener
In this very army
You dream about joining in here
And that ain’t a big mistake
Just look at the CP armies around you
Right here on CP
Such wonderful soldiers surround you
What more is you lookin’ for?IN AY CEE PEE
Soldier it’s better
Down where it’s funner
Take it from me!
Up in other armies they recruit literally all day
Out on CP they lag away
While we devotin’
And attendin ‘vents
IN AY CEE PEE!Down here all the troops are happy
As on on the server breeze they roll
The soldiers in other armies aint happy
They sad ’cause they stuck under a boring leader
But troops with a boring leader is lucky
They in for a worser fate
One day when the leader wants higher standards
Guess who’s gon’ be fired?IN AY CEE PEE
Nobody cheats us
Mulitlogs or uses bots for us
In battles
We have the site people love to look at
In AY CEE PEE we off da hook
We got no troubles
Life is the bubbles
Since life is sweet here
We got the beat here
Even the retirees and the trolls
They get the urge ‘n’ start to play
We got the spirit
You got to hear it
IN AY CEE PEEThe soldiers who recruit
The the ones who are active
The the people out of armies
And they havin’ fun
The mods who moderate
The owners who own
The leader who’s the heart of the army
The guests who don’t even wait
The members who enjoy
The gamebot doin’ doodlerace
The CP army Hub!!
The ACPTR staff and leaders
They know where it’s at
An’ oh, those game nights!IN AY CEE PEE
When the leader
Begin to rise the army
It’s happy for us
What do the others get? Ultimate responsibility
We got all da nobility
Each little troop here
know how to jam here
Each little mod here
Lovin’ the fun here
The little leaderhere
Know how to encourage here
That’s why it’s better
Under the water
Ya we in luck here
Down in  clover pride here

2. My CP Army Life

Armies: [Source: Some page written by me in 2011 or something…]

*= I have been in the army in a short time

**= Ive been in the army for a while

***=Ive been in the army for a long time

! = I got legend in that army

Army of Clubpenguin! ***

Golden troops of CP! ***

Ice warriors *

Nachos *

Watex warriors **

Elites *

Oreos of Cp **

MFW 4th Generation **

Cone Heads Of CP **

Black bandits *

Pretzels of CP!**

Kings of cp ***

Water bandits *

RBAA* [Red and Blue Alliance Army]


Nitro warriors: First army that I ever created

Green army Yellows: First Army I ever created in imagination and worst army name ever.

Pringles of cp: Biggest army that I created

Kings of cp: First army that I led in

ACP: First army that I joined

CPAE: First site to add my army in

Golden troops: Second army  that I joined

K. Errrm. Uhhh. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! What am I meant to write about?! I have so much to say! I experienced so much things! It all couldn’t stay in my mind! Oh wait, yes, yes.. ALRIGHT.

Just sayin’, as I started out here I thought people stayed in these armies for like 10 years. I never thought I’d go so far, I never thought I stayed this long, I never thought I was this significant. So here’s what I remember. Things come up in my mind time after time that I forget to write, so let me try not to imagine me saying ‘O SHIT I FORGOT TO WRITE THIS ON MY OH-SO CHERISHED RETIREMENT POST’…

It was probably November 2010. I estimate that it was the 20th of November 2010 .I was 8. It was a lovely weekend. After watching a couple of those Spongebob Youtube Poops and fail complimations, I figured I’d go on CP. During 2009, I never came on so I decided to come back and I missed the time when CP invented Card Jitsu. I really got back into CP that time. Anyway, I always liked going on Tuxedo. I would have joined RPF, but no. I was one a server one day, I think a 5 bar, and there I saw ACP. Probably like 20 troops, bunched together, spamming their army name. I used to hate you guys. You were so annoying. Not laggy, lag hasn’t existed for  me yet. Probably because I never knew the name of it. Eh. Ok, back to the story. I used to joke bomb you guys. You were all so annoying. But I couldn’t stop you. Me, Pet penguin5, then began to get curious. Who were these green, huge groups of penguins spamming ”ARMY OF CP”?. I looked it up, I found the site, and there.. I found the chat button. I wanted to know what the chat was, and so I stumbled upon the very ACP chat. One of the very first people I met there was Iceycold27, known as Mchappy.

Just saying, my name wasn’t Purpleslime4 from the very beginning. I used to have nooby names like ”GIMME 10000£” or ”WATS BETTER CP OR WEBKINZ”. During the years of 2010 and 2011, I used to go on Webkinz and Bin weevils as often as CP. I was a simple noob.I was incredibly inactive in 2011, I wasn’t promoted once, but I went on chat a lot. My most popular old names were ”Dj Hotdog” and ”Mr Milkshake”. I changed from Dj Hotdog to Purpleslime4 because I raged after being hushed.  I’d often change my name  because I know I did embarrassing stuff on chat, and if I came back as the same person then the people on chat would insult me. I also pretended I was a 14 year old boy when I was an 8 year old girl. I revealed that I was a girl early 2012. Anyway, I named myself Purpleslime4 after searching through the xat icons and I found a grimer avatar. I named myself after that grimer icon, which looked like purple slime, and 4 was just a random number. Heh. I never knew how significant the name would become.

Since I first came to ACP chat, every day I’d come online, hang out and have fun. It was great, I’d get insulted from time to time but it was great. But I wasn’t officially in ACP. I may have attended a few events that I didn’t know were on and come on chat frequently, but I discovered I had to comment on the join page.. so I did. December 16th 2010, during Mchappy’s leadership, I joined. Apparently I was in an army called Mars Warriors. Back then I thought when you joined an army you don’t attend events, you’re just in the army…

My first offical battle was a CPAC tournament event VS Nachos. I clearly remember making a huge box around the pool- here I am in a pic.

This is a bit of stupid info, but on the 6th of December 2010 I wanted to create an army. I wanted a green and yellow army- I don’t know why. Then Olympus (some guy I knew on ACP chat) suggested the ‘green army yellows’. I put ”green army yellows leader” on my name and well, I didn’t even make a site or anything.

Early 2011, I was more into ACP. January 2011, I got promoted 5 times. Wow. 5 times. February 2011, I met a few cool GFX makers. Remember when we had GFX sites where you order and pick up- say, Epical GFX? Well, I met some great people – called Bearsandcubs, Ronaldy3 and Duncabh. They made GFX. Click HERE and HERE for their site. Any of you know NP3000? He recruited me into Kings of CP. It was a small army that I was a leader in and it was purple! Click HERE for the site. At this time, I decided to create an army called Nitro Warriors. It was a red and yellow army. I ordered GFX, got a site done, chat, EVERYTHING! I remember doing it all while listening to Buzzin’ and Party Rock Anthem whilst eating tic tacs. Anyway, Nitro warriors maxed 3. But, this was a start. The start to an amazing friendship. My Nitro Warriors site and chat is deleted, but I still know the Nitro Army site. The Nitro Army was an army created by Minifotty. Minifotty saw me as an enemy, but I saw him as a friend. Since we had these nitro armies, we became friends and created many awesome armies until late 2012 when we fell apart. We lead Pringles together to 10th on CPAC in 2012, but  we went through many hard times, and we made many armies too! Let me just name these failed armies…

  1. Mini Purples of CP
  2. Star Stormers of CP
  3. Pringles of CP
  4. Alpha Army?
  5. Celtics of CP- 1g, 2g, 3g, so on  & Celtic army training camp
  6. CP Suns
  7. Golden Strikers of CP
  8. Water Bandits I think
  9. Knights of CP
  10. Night Troops of CP
  11. Red Army Republic
  12. Red Troops
  13. Shadow Mafia
  14. Sun Blazers
  15. Sun Elites
  16. Yellow Mafia

Yea. I also befriended Blugirlrox, who lead Red Rampagers. Red rampagers was once 10th on CPAC too but people hated it because RR used to get rouges. Click HERE for the RR site. I also made gfx for her at her cheats site.

Person12233, or whatever his name is, he linked this video on ACP chat once. I bookmarked it.

Fast forward through 2011, created Pringles, Pringles failed, all those armies I lead died, good ol’ mornings with Mazchaster and the gang, not being promoted.. now it’s time for 2012.

^^^ The French Colour song. If you were there in late 2012, you’d find me on ACP chat linking this 24/7. Just gonna let the nostalgia flow, man.

February 29th, 19:04, I worked up hard and I got moderator. People quit, people got mad, people were outraged. Well, HOWDDYA LIKE ME NO- wait, no no, don’t go too far…

Anyway, along those months of 2012..blah blee bloo, there I encountered Foldez. I look a bit like her in real life, err well idk now but yea. Never knew she’d get 2ic in 6 months, wow! Anyway, we had a lot of fun together at that time. She made a series weekly where she posted funny pics of us. I said inappropiate things 24/7 for this.. only 2012 kids understand this, THAT SERIES FOLDEZ MAKES!

Notice me trying to be noticed? I’m like ‘NOTICE ME SLIMEPAIII!!1’… Idk who senpai is I just got this from pewdiepie (wary)

November 2012 was a significant part in my CP life. I lead ACPTR. Since mid 2012I was in ACPTR so I could be promoted. I worked my way up for leader and it was a success. I have a big reputation in ACPTR, but why? Ooh let me tell you.

Since I saved Soljaboy from that mean guy in 2011 on ACP chat (check the pics below), I was inspired to help out ACP more. So I joined ACPTR and discovered my kindness. I loved helping out new troops, and it was a great advantage as ACPTR leader. I posted, I taught lessons, and even though at least 1 cadet came to most lessons, I still said it was good. IT WAS BETTER THAN NOTHING. Especially at that time- late 2012, ACP was in a depression.

The best part, though, is that I entered ACPTR in a small army news site tournament. We won. We won all the rounds.  A few were a bit rubbish and a no show, but it was an exciting move. Glad we won it, but it was a bit unfair for the other armies.. either way, I achieved something that I never thought I could- leading ACPTR to its biggest sizes. With Twingy, Foldez, Epicorange and Superoo on my side whilst leading, I led ACPTR up to 16 during a tournament event VS Metal Warriors. It was awesome. Here’s a pic.

This experience made me confident to work up for ACP leader.

Chapter 31:  Once Twice in a lifetime

Purple Slime was appointed ACPTR Leader, only the third girl ever after Snowballpink and Jedimaster, and the first ever girl from the United Kingdom to lead the ACPTR. Her first and second months were very successful, with multiple A+ and normal graduates. Superoo13 and 78562cool were promoted to co-leader, with Superoo introducing new “Fun Events” to the ACPTR. Also in the month, the ACPTR broke its record for number of people at an event, reaching 17, as the ACPTR beat Top-10-Major-Army the Metal Warriors, who had been unlucky to only draw with the ACP the weekend before.

Chapter 32: Champions

The ACPTR went on to beat the Club Penguin Crew, after another no-show, and it was then decided that the ACPTR had won the SMAC Snowball Showdown Tournament. Early on in January, Purple Slime was promoted to 3ic in the ACP. The month carried on as normal, and was relatively successful.

Chapter 33: Slider568 & Superoo

Purple Slime retired from the ACPTR to concentrate on being 3ic on the 31st of January. Superoo, who had served as co-leader for a long time, and heavily experienced adviser Slider took over. For the first time ever, the ACPTR bought a domain name, The ACPTR site was defaced by staff member Tannerboss, who was then fired. At the end of the month, Slider resigned as ACPTR leader.

Anyway, 2012 went out groovy. But still, I cannot remember a thing. Aghhhh. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

In comes 2013.

Early January 2013, I became an ACP owner thanks to Funks. June 2013, I got 2ic. Then, as you know, I got leader April 2014. Golly.

In 2013, as I experienced many people come and go like Capncook, Tori, Cas earlier in late 2012, but then in came the triumvirate. The anime-obsessed, garrison/surveycorps/gendarmerie triumvirate. Mid 2013 that was, and Sercan got promoted over me from 3ic to 1ic. Irritating, but I knew it was for the best of ACP.. eh, for some reason. I was patient that way. 2013, 2013, I can’t remember a friggin’ thing, blah blah blah, 2014….

Oh god 2014, what a year. April 2014 as I was peacefully enjoying Arizona, in came the ACP Enigma which pretty much destroyed our reputation. I returned a week after or so, I couldn’t believe it. Soon, April 27th/29th, I became ACP leader. The first event, me and the UK force got 35 on CP.

Never thought we wouldn’t get that again.

I lead with the remaining leader of the triumvirate, Flipmoo. We got rid of those anime divisions and we lead ACP pretty well.

Then, flipmoo retired and in came Mrtchy…

Then Mrtchy retired and in came Fluffyboy3,

ACP was fine when I led. I guess. That’s what I think. No bias, eh?

I’ve met many awesome people and troops on the way.

And that’s that.


I’m a lazy writer, okay? I tried to write the story of my life, well, yes I SERIOUSLY TRIED! Couldn’t do it. Currently, as I’m writing this, it’s 4:50pm UK on a Friday. So, I reckon the future-me is gonna hate me now for not mentioning all these big events and these other people I keep forgetting to write about. Argh.


 Dude, you’re awesome. Ever since August 2013, since you unexpectedly married me, we’ve became so close at times high and low. And what I like is that we never ever went mad with each other and we always helped each other out. That’s a real couple who care for eacho ther.Look, I am 13 now. I don’t know love. Soon as I reach puberty, I will.. but that’s not now. Even though I have met you probably 3/5 through my CP army life, you have been a significant part of it and you have given me lot’s of support. You’ve given me so many xat cards oh my god! Thank you! I wish I had the xats to do so too, I really did.



I’m sorry to disappoint you guys. To be honest, with retirement posts I’d just scroll down to the people part and see what they write about me. Selfish slime. So I reckon you’ve done this now. Well, sorry. It’s irritating, huh. I would have mentioned all of you, but as of my 4.5 years of ACP and with people coming and going, it’s seriously a struggle to remember everybody so I do not want to disrespect people this way. All of ACP. All of CP armies. Everybody. I can’t mention you all. It’s for safety. IF I DID, THIS POST WILL BE AS LAGGY AS SOMETHING THAT I DON’T KNOW! GAWD! So this is my message to you all:

Wow. 4.5 years. I’ve made it through 4.5 years. To all the troops I’ve been with throughout all the years, thank you. It has been an amazing experience. I have met some troops who have made me stronger, who have made me weak, the opposite of confident, confident, willing, sad, mad, EVERYTHING! You all have made me who I am. Thank you for the motivation and hard work you have put into this army. Trust me, everything you do and everything you need to accept- it’s all for the best of this army. That’s why I am more respected and loyal, because I accept whatever happens to me.  I know it’s for the best of this army. Trust me. Trust the owners. We have our up and downs in the army with cheaters and multi-loggers, but as we go up and down we still go through. We travel as we have our ups and downs. Get it? WOO! I sound like some smarty-pants philosopher. HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW, WELLBEING TEACHER? THINK I DON’T PUT MY HAND UP IN CLASS THAT MUCH?!?

Well anyway, thank you for giving me such a great time in ACP, thank you for giving me support, thank you for giving me fun, thank you for cheering me up at the worst of times, thank you for realizing all the stupid things I have done. Everyone does stupid things. Even the smartest people. Everyone makes mistakes, everything you do- something else happens. You have to go with it. It’s life. The smartest people make mistakes like everyone else, but you need to find out how smart these people are by solving them. It’s like chess. Say you move a bishop or something, and bam! You’re in a dangerous spot, you have many of the opponents pawns approaching you. You didn’t expect it coming. What should you do? Leave the game? Go through it and win? Surrender this bishop pawn and get it over with? This shows how intelligent you are. I guess. Idk. It’s currently Friday and it’s almost 10 o clock! I’m just writing weird crap now, huh? Well, I gotta get back to the point!

Just to let you know, CP armies have devoured 1/3 of my childhood. You all will be a part of it. Think about it. I’ll be like what, 21 or something? I’d imagine myself in CP armies again. ‘Good times’ I’d probably think, as I’d have some kind of job or a bad love life. The key points of my life here. Getting leader, the problems I overcame, my best friends here.. oooh yes. You all will always be on my mind. When I do my GSCEs, when I will probably (not) be in charge of something, you all. Sounds creepy, right? But CP armies have helped me in my life. You guys make me happy and sad, you affect my life mood. Seeing us get sizes of 25+ makes me wake up happy. Ok, that sounds creepy too. Ok. Well I have became a better leader, more confident, I have let out all of my life problems and shared my awkward incidents with you guys, and it turns out you experience the same things as me! And to think our parents probably imagine us talking to 50 year olds… or something. Well, mine do. It’s not like I’m ever going to meet you guys, even though I sometimes imagine some weird CP army convention where there are all these stalls with CP army leaders that are signing autographs.. oh so weird.

Well, so far in these paragraphs you’ve heard me mindlessly wandering and just writing about it here. Thing is, or I shall say it again, y’all are awesome. I love you. I like you.  I CHERISH YO ALL. Everyone who has been with me. Everyone who has been against me too. Hey – Pandaco, Stromae, Noka- hope you all are happy. I’m gone! Hurray! Hurray! Hurra! Hurr! Hur! Urr! Ur! U have made me crazy!

Goodbye. May you live on as part of my life. Everyone must move on. Nothing lasts forever, so you need to face certain obstacles in life. Face it, go through/over/behind/under it, go past it, move on.

You all are groovy to me.

Pictures and hopefully videos…

I took pics of people being mean to me during the years 2010, 2011 and 2012. These were meant to be used to report people. I also bookmarked other pics and stuff.<div><a href=”undefined?source=embed” style=”font-size: 11pt; text-decoration: none;”></a></div>

An ACP event – 23rd February 2013. I lagged out during the event.

That series foldez makes.. pics of inapp ACP! Est 2012, ended 2013

Drawing of Tori. Sorry, Tori.

Exact time I got ACP leader – 27/4/14.. never forget ❤

I don’t know. I can’t remember. Wat.

Noka’s stuff #1

Sercan whilst he was being brainwashed by Maria, his evil GF.

Rape WTF photo Lolwtf-2.jpg

The kickstart of my nooby CP army career back in 2011. I wanted to pause a gif of some cartoon and I was told I had to say ‘rape’ to pause it. WELL, YEP.

 photo ASFSA.png

Anime power is the best. Can’t you see?

Errr yes okay ,Sercan brainwashed by Maria!

Kingp1, my 2011 buddy #1





I did raps about all my friends in 2011. Cringeworthy. But awesome.

Noka #2

Minifotty my 2011 best friend, us arguing #1

yes, okay then. why did i take this pic?

Aw hell naw-ka #3





Ok, so, lol.. ok.. well, I got sent to this chat and Miroos and Eyes and some others staged a fake hacking where they apparently doxed to scare people, I was so scared.. well played, brothers.

Minifotty my best buddy arguing #2

Sir Globe my first boyfriend, I didn’t like him but I just accepted him. A giant fuck you to you, kiddo!

Noka being a bitch #4


Miroos and Eyes funny fake hacking that made me scared to death… PART 2

kINGP1 my wonderful friend #2

Kingp1 my wonderful friend #3

A story. Ok, so a new troop got bullied by some idiot I dont know called Btime in late 2011. I saved soljaboy by taking pics and giving them to shab or something. This inspired me to join ACPTR.

More of the time I saved a troop. Soljaboy, thank you.

Minifotty/Jamie, all we’ve been through.. you’ve been a great friend and you will always be a part of my CP Army-childhood-thingie ❤

The time Etac flirted with me. Yea. I was 9.

Minifotty and me arguing #3

Noka why. why. why. #5

Np3000 on a banning spree!

OH YEAH, I remember ohyeah! Early 2012 innit?

Nokay then #6


Kingp1 and sparkling. You two guys were great, but come on!

Aww maxy ur so cute + NOKAAA #7


I once helped ohyeah scam. What the fuck was wrong with me.




I remember. Early 2011 mornings. I’d make pancakes- my hands smelling of that wonderful mix and nutella. It’d be hot and sunny, springtime, I’d come on chat and there’d be no mods or owners.. just good ol’ Mazchaster being inapp. Miss you guys.

The time Minifotty/Jamie reached puberty. Yaaaa okay.



Idk why I like this pic. I just like my red ng. It also shows that I’ve led an army called Pringles of CP in 2012. It was once 10th on CPAC. Eh? EH?



Kingp1 WOO! #5

When sercan scammed me under maria’s control, I wanted to get him back by scamming him by making a site where you can get free powers but it’s a scam. I was never bothered to do it. Oh well. CRINGE CRINGE CRINGE-SO-MUCH-MY-FACE-IS-EXPLODING



Black thunder, fuck you. You scammed me, you’ve insulted me, you made my first year in CP armies suck. In a way. But you made me stronger.

 photo Untitled-16.png

Fuck you too Maria 😀 Thanks, girl! I never loved Sercan by the way. Hope you’re happy I retired.

My Final Message

I need to get through a few things because I know what most of you are wondering –

Why am I retiring?


My life. I might be 13, but dude, my life. I’ve probably said this 1 quadrillion times but since secondary, my life has flourished. I got more into things like Geography, Music, PE… I’m playing an instrument, I’m in two orchestras, I’m in a weekly tennis squad and a badminton/rounders hopeful, I am discovering myself and now it’s the time to move on. Also, I am not used to future CP armies. I can’t accept hiring experienced people for owner and mod when we have to. Seriously guys, when we have to do certain things like modding and ownering people on chat, please accept it. We need experienced people in the army who could help us motivate and come up with new ideas. Be like me, you know it. You know it’s for the best of this army. Also, I’ve spent my time. I know I’m not needed. I’ve done my job. I’ve kept ACP stable, and that’s all I ever wanted to do. We didn’t die or get into SMAC/SMAP, we lived on. And I feel great about that. We might have not reached 50+ on CP together, but we didn’t die. I’m happy, at least!

I may have not been the best leader ACP’s ever had, but I’m that I’ve worked up for leader and achieved what I wanted. It feels good.

And lastly, one more thing to say.I have recently been told by many troops: mods and members, that they do not feel needed in this army.


Come on.

Who makes this army get 20+ on CP?

Who does all these amazing bombs and tactics during battles?

Who makes this army survive on CPAC?

Who makes this army win wars?

Who makes ACP survive?




And that is all.


”Clovers give you wiiings”


ACP, you may now take me off the ranks.

62 Responses

  1. Stay awkward Purp, we’ll miss chu! :c

  2. Purp, I’ve known you since you were a little noob in ACP. I was a mod and you were a funny little member. I got to watch you grow into a great leader. I had my doubts, you proved them all wrong, Semper Fi Purple Slime4

    • I remember your youtube account. You had one video ‘Do girls fart’ or something. Still remember it. Fantastic. You’ve been awesome and I can’t believe you’ve seen me grow for 4 frickin’ years! Golly! Will seeya soon on ACP chat 😀

  3. what about me. you forgot me. you forgot a reference to me!

    • Nuclear, there’s been many people in my CP army career. I tried my best to mention everybody, so I made like a 3 paragraph long thing for everybody who I know xD You’ve been a significant part in my life, Nuclear. I have watched you grow as an ACP troop, shame you had to go! You were an awesome troop and I wish you came back!!!

  4. *sobs like a wuss*

  5. Known you since you was 8 yeahhhhh

  6. RIP people section #SHAFTED

  7. PS4 FTW

  8. God, did I just read all that…
    I haven’t been in cp armies that long, but I can distinctly remember thinking you were in IW because you were mod on chat… xD Have fun in life. Bye, Purp 🙂

    • WOW YOU READ THE WHOLE THING. Congratulations, (no sarcasm). You read like a 5000 word long post from a cringe-worthy 13 year old who wrote it late at a friday night. Will miss you Fire. Beat up those stupid friends of yours and get ACP OWNER! WOO!

  9. Purple, Ik I already told you this but you are my leader and my inspiration. When I was just a noob I looked up to you and wanted to lead and be as great as you. You’ve made CP armies so much fun and advanced my career! Thank you so much im gonna miss you. (Crys like baby)

    • Thanksies Benimish! Ever since I saw you as a new troop on chat, I knew you’d make it this far. And even further too! Good luck in Shadow Reacons, lead it to CPAC! And stay in ACP, my friend. Moderator is an awesome rank.

  10. Goodbye purple. I will miss your mad libs. And other things 😛 good luck in life!

  11. Purple, you put the slime in slime, YOU put the purple in purple! YOU PUT PURPLE AND SLIME IN THE SAME SENTENCE!! Purp I always loved your friendly and caring nature. You made me smile, feel welcomed, and feel good. You always listened to my idea’s. I thought you were a great leader. I remember the night of your birthday when your parents were gone and I was there…. *looks around* I think fluffy might be listening. Purple you will always have a place in my memory. I was just thinking if I never talked to you again . I have tears in my eyes. But I think we will talk again. I hope we can talk in 10 years. I probably had met you in the past 3 years but can’t remember meeting you before I came back in November. I hope you stay groovy for the rest of your life and be happy with what ever you do. All the experiences from the armies will help you through life, armies taught you many things. Purple don’t give into temptation, I hope you become successful in life. Stay Groovy, Purple , and Slimy! I end this post with a a beautiful song. Your Friend, Crazy Tow

  12. Ah Purple Slime. This was the first retirement post in quite a bit I read all the way through. Its by far one of my favorites.

    I loved this post bc Slime didn’t take herself too seriously. This wasn’t someone circle jerking their achievements around like other retirement posts. She told things as they were, and did what she always did. Dedicated everything to the troops. Purple Slime is a great person, who showed some of the most amazing loyalty and kindness I’ve ever seen anyone have in this community. ACP was lucky to have her.

    A lot of people will say Slime was a bad leader. They’ll say she had no clue how to lead, or that she never should have been made leader. I disagree.

    I think Purple Slime was delt a horrible hand. She was given an army plagued with corruption and moral was low. Troop count was high, but morale wasn’t. Like Slime said in her post, she kept ACP alive. She perpetuated the army. I think Slime made the same mistake Tori, who told me where she thinks she went wrong, made. She wasn’t assertive enough. She didn’t take any chances, she didn’t do anything bold. Neither Tori, nor Slime, attacked the people who attacked her. Never really declared war, or rallied the troops behind an idea or cause like Max did so beautifully. (His “blitzkrieg”, I think he liked to call it).

    If you had put either Tori or Purple Slime with a leader with a little more experience, a little more tenacity, and a little more understanding, they both would’ve flourished and eventually would’ve been able to command ACP on their own.

    All in all, I think Slime was a great person who was given too much too soon and payed the price for it. It’s safe to say Purple Slime didn’t achieve her full leadership potential, which is a tragedy. Happy retirement, Purp! I hope to still see you around chat often!

  13. We will miss you. You were a fine leader indeed. May you have the best of luck in your future in this world.

  14. Goodbye purp thanks for everything u have done for acp

  15. 😦

  16. rip purplesleim5
    died of quiksc0p 2 head
    ur soul lives on

    In all seriousness, I’ve known you for years. You weren’t the greatest ACP leader, however you did keep the army in the top ten constantly. It is not your leadership skills that people will remember you for, because it’s the extreme loyalty that you possessed that led you to where you are. You will be remembered as arguably one of the most loyal out of all ACP soldiers and leaders to have existed, and I am proud to say that I’ve been under your leadership – even if it wasn’t for the longest time.

    I hope you’re looking forward to the long life that you have ahead of you. Good luck.

  17. I’ll miss you Slime, thanks for being a great leader! 😦

  18. Slime!

    Such a great leader. You care so much about your troops, expressed so clearly in this post. Your dedication for them is just extraordinary. I thank you for being such a loyal leader alongside myself in a time of need! All the best.

  19. too big but awesoem post i love ya slime miss ya thx for bieng awesoem leader u r my moommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Purp, you won’t be remembered for leadership skill, because they weren’t the greatest. But you’ve shown the greatest care for your troops that I’ve ever seen in my career. The troops will never forget you, because of what you did for them. It’s been fun watching you grow from a little nooblet to a great leader with that little touch of noobinness at heart 😉
    Live a great life and I wish you all the best.

  21. Well, I worked under you maybe for really short time but i swear i learned a lot from you : ) Purp you will be missed from deep inside my heart 😥 Never cry in ur life stay happy and let haters hate. The waork of haters is to just barck let them barck : ) ill miss u alot ~Dan ❤ Purp

  22. Never let any 1 make you cry purp, this community will miss you from deep inside the heart 😥 good luck for future and good bless you!

  23. You’re a great person and I’m glad to have met you. You’ve worked wonders with ACP, and I cannot think of a better ACPTR leader than you were. It has been an honour.

  24. Slime- I’ve enjoyed knowing and working with you since years ago when you were still a member. I’ll forever remember you with the one with the most dedication to this army. Thanks for all you’ve done for ACP and good luck in life.

  25. Slime, I’ll miss you. I’ve always admired how you interacted with the troops and soldiers – something not many do. I loved that about you! Your dedication, is worth an applause as well! Basically, we’ll all miss you ❤

  26. I’ll miss you, Slime, you were a very fun person and a good leader! Have fun in life and good luck! I wish you all the best! :’D

  27. I knew you for a couple months in acp, and those months were great! We had such a good friendship while it lasted. (: I think we all shed a tear because of this post to be honest. You will be missed. xx ❤

  28. Well done slime, you proved many people wrong and did a bang up job as leader. You are also funny and I wish you luck in future endevers.

  29. You know what Purp, I’m kind of offended to see that I was included in your post for the wrong reasons. I wasn’t against you, I was simply against the decisions what you made. As a person, you’re great, bubbly and a lot of fun to be around. I’ll miss you as much as any other person would and I’m sorry to see you go. All the arguments were simply against your decisions, that’s all. I didn’t hate you, or despise of you for anything, I mean, what have you done to me?

    Do well in life. Don’t let anyone tell you any different; brilliant, that’s what you are. Stay strong and keep on fighting for what you want.

  30. RIP Purp. ACP may not be number one again but you showed a lot of dedication and perseverance throughout your leadership. When ACP was down, you still never gave up. For one of ACP’s youngest leaders, you did a good job.

  31. Purp you deserved leader! You have gone so far! From mid-member all the way to leader through 3ic and 2ic! You are my favourite leader after Mrtchy! So sad to see you retire from ACP!

    You were the best troop I ever met in ACP! I really hope my very slow progress eventually speeds up enough for leader!

    Now Ahmed is officially the first ever UK leader NOT from the UK, but I don’t know if he actually is! If not, probably the first Irish, despite UK, leader I’ve seen!

    Good luck in your retirement! I ❤ you so much! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Love Free Dude 15

  32. Here’s a dumb picture we drew together in Doodle. Good luck in your endeavours Purp!

  33. Omg Slime, you retired? Man, this is probably the first time I went to the site after I retired, the first owner I met, a leader, a soldier, a friend…I wish u the best in life, you’re like what now? 13 y/o? Well whatever, can’t remember, do you have kik or whatever so we can talk again? Well for now…cyaaaa

  34. Also still help ACPTR, I’m not the perfect leader so I still need helpp and motivation yay

  35. Sad to see you go Slime, I’ll miss you!

  36. Sorry for being late to the party!

    Despite only knowing you for the short time I’ve been here, you were a fantastically fun leader who knew how to engage her troops in a little spirit and amusement. Admittedly, you were not the best leader in terms of numbers you raked in, but you certainly dedicated yourself for a shockingly long 4.5 years (something I can’t and will never handle).

    The way you talked and laughed with troops will certainly be missed. Long live the slime!

  37. wtf did i write…

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